Additive Manufacturing

ALL IN 1: Laser Deposition Welding and Milling

3d-printing01Lasertec 65-3D is a full 5-axis milling machine with automated change to laser deposition welding with powder nozzle (powder nozzle is 10x faster than traditional powder bed process).

Laser Deposition technology is an additive process that is used to:

  • Build 3D freeform fabrications
  • Repair metal components typically considered non repairable by conventional techniques
  • Strategically add features to forgings and castings
  • A variety of alloys can be used in this process including: Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Cobalt and Aluminium alloys
  • Due to the flexibility of the process overall production costs can significantly be lowered when used for manufacturing and the production of prototypes.
Flexible Design
Change between laser and milling allows machining of sections not reachable on finished part.

3d-printing02Feasibility of channels within solid part structures

e.g. cooling channels as well as similar complex, internal structures

In cooling bodies, other cooling components, die casting moulds


3d-printing03Metal deposition of partial or complete coatingsfor corrosion protection and wear resistance

“3D-Coating” on 3D parts as material coating or repair

Multi Material

3d-printing04Combination of two different materials in one part

e.g. stainless steel on copper connection

Availability of two separate controlled powder feeders in one machine

Build on curve

3d-printing05The basis for this operation is an existing part respectively a 3D part (additive built or with an alternative production procedure)

“Flanging” of an additional 3D contour onto the existing part


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