Design and Development

Design and developmentRomar can transform your idea and design into a tangible device. We provide design, development and manufacturing services.

We have researched and developed products for a range of industries and dealing with critical dimensions, tolerances, finishes and materials are second nature to our business.

Our clients are our partners and we work collaboratively to understand the specific requirements, needs and philosophy.


We offer an all round prototyping service from proof of concept models to full working prototypes. 3D printing and CNC machining allows us to prototype using a selection of metals, plastics and rubbers.

If you have a technical problem that needs solving, a concept you would like to develop or a product you wish to enhance, contact us today.

Design for Manufacture

cadRomar has a dedicated team of professional engineers to ensure products are designed with manufacturability and scalability in mind.

Advantages of DFM include:

  • Potential problems are recognised and addressed during the design phase, saving costly product iterations downstream
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Reduction of manufacturing risks