Moulding and Assembly

Our moulding capabilities allows for a broad range of materials and geometries to be accommodated. Our sophisticated moulding machines coupled with our skilled operators provides the capacity and flexibility to process exotic materials with complex processing parameters as well as your common plastics, silicones and rubbers. Our experience in moulding has seen products ranging from precision miniature components with micron dimensions to large components weighing in excess of 1kg.

Our experienced and skilled assembly personnel coupled with automated processes allow for complex and high precision assembly to be performed economically and effectively.

ISO Class 7 and 8 Clean Room

Our ISO Class 8 Clean room is an expansive 250 square metres housing a multitude of sophisticated Engel moulding machines for plastic and silicone injection moulding. Our ISO Class 7 clean room is dedicated to moulding and assembly of devices and components requiring a stricter level of cleanliness such as implantables and for packaging of devices for terminal sterilisation where minimisation of bioburden and airborne contaminants are critical to its application.