Speciality Services

UV Cured Silicones

speciality01UV curing liquid silicone rubbers have the advantages of high-speed curing at low temperatures, cost-effective and more efficient processing. They are becoming an increasingly popular option across several industries, in particular medical applications, as the low cure temperatures allow silicone elastomers to be paired up with plastics or thermally sensitive materials that otherwise would not have been able to be moulded together using the regular method.

Mould Flow Analysis

speciality02speciality03Romar can perform a detailed mould flow analysis on your product during the design phase which can optimise the design and manufacturing of part before the next stages of development. Optimising the design during the early stages will prevent unnecessary costs to alter parts afterwards.

Plasma Surface Treatment

speciality04speciality05This key technology for custom surface treatment can achieve ultrafine cleaning, surface activation, and plasma coating of almost all materials – plastics, metals, glass, cardboard, textiles, and composite materials. Romar Engineering is proud to represent Plasmatreat’s Atmospheric Openair® and Aurora plasma systems. With Openair® plasma technology, plasma surface treatment can be integrated inline to make bonding/printing/cleaning processes totally reproducible for consistent results.

Processing of Exotic Materials

With continuing research and development into new materials, there is an increasing trend towards the use of specialised materials to meet specialised needs.


Materials like polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and polyetherimide (PEI) e.g. ULTEM, are receiving more focus in all industries due to their unique properties. They have been used extensively as a replacement for materials such as steel due to their comparable strength combined with their lightweight structure and mouldability. As unique as their properties are their processing requirements are also unique. Romar has extensive experience in manufacturing products using these specialised materials and can tailor a tool and product to meet your special needs.

We offer moulding, machining and where applicable powder deposition of various exotic materials to deliver resistance to high temperatures, exceptional scratch and wear resistance, with high strength and durability.

Cyrogenic Deflashing and Deburring System (CDS)

speciality10A cryogenic deflashing system can deflash rubber and plastic parts efficiently and effectively. Our system allows for greater productivity and product quality as parts are trimmed in seconds whilst preserving their integrity.