Meet Romar’s Newest Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, Agnendra Singh

As previously reported, the Australian Government recently awarded Romar Engineering a $5.8M MMI grant to grow our Australian-designed fluid and motion control solutions, the largest of four grants under round one of the Integration and Translation streams of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI).

Romar is using the grant towards 18 new positions in our advanced manufacturing department, and one of our first new hires is Agnendra Singh, a Manufacturing Engineer who joins our advanced manufacturing team. Agnendra has been with us for three weeks and he’s excited about our future potential.

Steve Milanoski (Head of Advanced Manufacturing) talked to me about Romar’s plans to put Australian aerospace manufacturing on the global map. With the machines we have, the machines we plan to get, our 3D printing capability and our customers, it’s definitely possible.”

Two men checking a steel product

Connecting with Romar

Agnendra joined Romar after Steve reached out to him on LinkedIn, and he came to us from a quite different role.

“I have a Mechatronics Engineering degree from UNSW. I was working in a manufacturing role in the Northern Beaches, for a high volume fast-paced machine shop. It’s completely different to the niche, very high-precision work that Romar does. The quality and process here are off the chart.”

Agnendra now works with our Lasertec 65, 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine, a 3D metal printer with unique hybrid manufacturing capability, and one of only three in commercial settings globally.

Milling turbine on 5 axis CNC machine.

Utilising niche capability

Agnendra’s role is focused on transitioning engineering concepts into tangible products, using Romar’s Lasertec 3D 5-axis hybrid machining center.

I work with Steve and the team in the advanced manufacturing department, primarily programming the CAM toolpaths to manufacture both prototypes and valves with our subtractive machining assets. I take something our design engineers have developed, and my job is to turn that into an accurate physical representation using state of the art machining concepts.”

Agnendra is currently working on projects for some of our leading aerospace clients, as well as Romar’s own production series of fluid and motion control solutions.

All of the projects are supported by Romar’s recent MMI grant awarded from AusIndustry.

We’re making aerospace prototypes and components for commercial Aerospace companies here in Australia,” says Agnendra. “Responsiveness is becoming our hallmark. We understand the pinch points from a design perspective, and can respond from that frame of reference, which is immensely valuable.”

Female engineer using a computer to Analyse Satellite

Developing advanced manufacturing expertise

For Agnendra, Romar’s aerospace capability is just one drawcard.

“I’m working with so many people from so many different backgrounds. There’s a lot of expertise here and it’s just a great learning environment for a young engineer like me.

As a mechatronic engineer, I want to make things properly, to utilise what I’ve learnt, so this is exactly where I want to be,” adds Agnendra. “I’m at a very early stage but I’m enjoying the workshop, the machines. I’m keen to do more and see what the future holds.”

Romar Engineering has been providing leading Australian manufacturing solutions for over 50 years. Please contact us if you’re interested in a career with Romar, or if you have a project in need of cutting-edge advanced manufacturing solutions.

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