CSIRO Invests in Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology

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The CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, has announced it will invest over $100 million in five science and technology growth areas over the next four years, in a bid to bolster local industry post COVID-19.

The five growth areas – biomedical manufacturing, digital manufacturing, digital healthcare, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies like quantum – are set to receive increased investment for research programs and expand the highly skilled CSIRO advanced manufacturing workforce.

The announcement reinforces that Romar is on course to deliver first-class Australian manufacturing now and into the future, with our similar focus on collaborations, Industry 4.0 and niche areas including advanced manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, silicone and additive manufacturing.

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Investing for post-pandemic industry recovery

In a recent article, we discussed why we believe technology is key to post-pandemic manufacturing. CSIRO’s Chief Executive, Dr Larry Marshall, also acknowledged in the recent announcement, that the “unprecedented disruption” of COVID-19 has demonstrated the potential of science and technology – and the opportunities for forward-thinking industry participants.

“COVID-19 and Australia’s lived experience during the pandemic has shown that science can deliver remarkable solutions to solve our greatest challenges, like predicting and isolating COVID hotspots, agile manufacturing to create sovereign supply of desperately needed products, and virtual healthcare for our most vulnerable communities wherever they live across our continent.

The world is facing unprecedented disruption, but disruption creates new opportunities for the bold, and the actions we take now can set the path towards a brighter future for all Australians.”

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CSIRO’s advanced manufacturing roadmap

The CSIRO first identified several of the investment categories as areas of future growth in a report released in 2016: Advanced Manufacturing – A Roadmap for unlocking future growth opportunities for Australia.

The CSIRO roadmap predicts Australian manufacturing will evolve into a collaborative and export-focused sector over the next two decades, with a focus on R&D and design, post-production value adding, sustainable manufacturing and low volume, high margin customised manufacturing.

The report’s key science and technology areas included sensors and data analytics, advanced materials, smart robotics and automation, additive manufacturing (3D printing) and augmented and virtual reality.

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Romar’s aligned manufacturing solutions

Romar’s current expertise aligns with several of the CSIRO’s 2021 investment areas. Our customised customer solutions include biomedical manufacturing and, as the CSIRO observes, COVID-19 has highlighted the need for local capability in the development, manufacturing and commercialisation of Australian biomedical science.

With broad capability across medical device manufacturing, medical grade silicone and additive manufacturing, Romar is already a manufacturing partner for innovative and award-winning medical devices including Rapid Repair, NOTUS, BioAnalytics and Madorra.

Our investment in technology and expertise in recent years means we’re fully equipped for leading advanced manufacturing and additive manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, medical, mining and defence sectors.

As previously reported, we’re also focusing on broadening our traditional manufacturing processes with our focus on Industry 4.0 manufacturing and new IT directions to streamline and enhance our manufacturing solutions.

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Collaborative and customer-focused manufacturing

Romar is partnering with the CSIRO, ANSTO and leading Australian manufacturers to deliver robust and globally-orientated manufacturing solutions. We have an internationally-respected team, unique technology and broad capability.

As a turnkey manufacturer, we’re positioned to deliver end-to-end manufacturing solutions including design for manufacture, materials selection, commercial manufacture and logistics.

If you have a project in need of smart, forward-thinking manufacturing solutions, please contact us.