Welcoming our Advanced Manufacturing Intern, Sophie Heasman

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Romar’s vast capability – from advanced manufacturing to elastomers, silicone and medical device manufacturing – has long been a drawcard for interns. Our internships have also introduced us to some exceptional engineering students, several of whom are now part of the Romar team.

The latest to join our internship program is Sophie Heasman from Sydney University. Sophie is currently working with Steve Milanoski, our Head of Advanced Manufacturing, and she will be rotating through several departments during her time with us.

Like previous interns, Sean Emery, Morgan Wagner and Hayden McLaughlin, Sophie is an outstanding engineering student. She also brings something quite unique, given she is currently completing a double degree in mechatronic engineering… and philosophy.

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Introducing Sophie Heasman

Sophie is currently in the second year of her studies, and she came to Romar via a chance opportunity.

Steve (Milanoski) called one day to speak to the motor sport team at uni about a potential project role. When I called back, he mentioned Romar was always on the lookout for interns. I sent him my resume and came in for an interview. Apparently he interviewed a few people, so I was thrilled to get offered the role.”

Sophie’s double degree focuses on her primary – and complementary – passions.

“I love engineering, and my main interest at the moment is mechanical design. I’ve always been interested in philosophy, too. It’s fascinating. It helps you ask the right questions, be more critical and, overall, to become a much better thinker.”

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Critical thinking for advanced manufacturing

Sophie’s critical thinking skills are an ideal fit within our advanced and additive manufacturing teams.

“Right now, Steve is my boss and he’s amazing. Every time I talk to him, I learn something new. I’m currently working on a project for him on computational fluid dynamics for aerospace, which is something Romar will be able to offer our customers further along.

Steve is very open to me working in areas that are of interest, to help me learn. I love mechatronics, but given I don’t yet have much experience, I want to try everything I can and see what appeals. When I’ve learnt more at uni, it would be great to also be able to help other staff like Sean, who work across mechanical engineering and programming.”

Expertise for robust manufacturing solutions

Romar has been an expert Australian manufacturer for over 50 years, and we’ve remained a leader in the industry by consistently embracing new technology and expertise.

For Sophie, the appeal of her Romar internship has been both the chance to discover first-hand our diverse manufacturing expertise, and the chance to work with our industry-leading team of engineers and materials specialists.

“The people here are incredible. Everyone is so knowledgeable and very personable and welcoming. I’ve got to know everyone very well.”

Our internship program helps us meet the best and brightest young engineers around the country, and it reflects our ongoing commitment for continual improvement and innovation.

Please contact us to discover our full manufacturing capabilities for the aerospace, medical, mining and defence sectors – or if you’re an engineering student interested in our internships.

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