Advanced manufacturing with our Leitz Coordinate Measuring Machine

Advanced manufacturing with Romar's Leitz Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

A man smiling while operating the machine

Australia’s most advanced coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

Romar is one of only two engineering companies in Australia that own and operate a Leitz Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

A CMM is a device used in the measurement of the physical geometrical characteristics of an object.

Measuring these objects with a high degree of accuracy is particularly important for quality assurance.

Leitz CMM machine

So, what can this machine do?

“We can manufacture shapes of geometries that were not otherwise manufacturable.” – Steve Milanoski, Head of Advanced Manufacturing

This machine can inspect parts fitting inside an envelope of 800 (Y) x 600 (X) x 600 (Z) mm.

A CMM machine can be used during the manufacturing and assembly processes to test a part or assembly against the design intent.

The Leitz CMM machine’s design allows for multipurpose applications and highly accurate 3D metrology performance. We can built parts on this machine with the highest degree of accuracy.

“Turbo machinery components and pump components are a huge suite of parts that we can service and create,” says Steve.

With excellent scanning performance due to variable high-speed scanning (VHSS), measurements can be carried out following the principle ‘as fast as possible, as slow as necessary.’ 

Leitz CMM machine

How will Romar use this machine in the future?

The Advanced Manufacturing team at Romar, headed up by Steve Milanoski, has huge plans for the Leitz CMM machine.

Currently they are investigating metal matrix composites for use in hard facing valve applications.

A huge component of their work with this machine is re-engineering parts that are very difficult to find.

For example, the team is working on remanufacturing expensive castings where only six may exist in the world.

Using Romar’s advanced 3D printing capabilities means creating these products at a much lower price.

Steve’s work at SpaceX reinforced the importance of quick turnaround manufacturing. He uses this experience creating parts at Romar.

The possibilities are endless!