Opportunities for Exceptional Advanced Manufacturing in Australia

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Advanced manufacturing in Australia is emerging as a niche sector with incredible potential. With access to world-class technology and teams – and increasing government and industry support for industries including aerospace – advanced manufacturing in Australia is set to flourish.

As a leader in advanced manufacturing, Romar delivers scalable and robust manufacturing solutions, thanks to exceptional people and processes… and technology unique to Australia.

Here’s how advanced manufacturing such as ours brings greater opportunity to develop smart, innovative and globally competitive manufacturing solutions across diverse local industries.

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Cutting-edge advanced manufacturing capability

Central to Romar’s advanced manufacturing capability – and presenting unique opportunities for industries including defence, aerospace and mining – is a state-of-the-art 3D printer. The DMG Mori Lasertec 65 has features not found in other 3D printers that allow for fast production of highly complex components in highly regulated industries.

We can work with metal blends and specialist materials to develop rapid prototypes, engineer scalable new designs, or repair, renew and replace existing parts that would traditionally be discarded.

It’s cutting-edge technology with incredible potential to heighten performance, improve processes and provide long-term cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

With advanced materials and additive engineering expertise on hand, our customers can expect first-class and fast-response production of high-quality replacement or new components.

Industry initiatives and collaboration

There is significant industry support for advanced manufacturing in Australia. Organisations such as the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) and research support network ANSTO, are focusing on building advanced manufacturing expertise – that, in turn, provides unique opportunities for multiple sectors.

To support advanced manufacturers, the CSIRO has established Lab 22, an innovation centre for metallic additive manufacturing. With Lab 22, the CSIRO is investing in research and development to strengthen and enhance local manufacturing and to ensure global competitiveness for Australian businesses.

By building positive and fruitful collaborations with these organisations, Romar is leveraging our singular additive manufacturing technology to help our customers develop new potential, streamline performance and expand into new markets with cutting-edge advanced manufacturing prototypes and products.

Accelerating aerospace

Aerospace is burgeoning in Australia. Major global players including Airbus, Boeing Defence and Lockheed Martin have local divisions, and our major aerospace agencies include the Australian Space Agency and the South Australian Space Industry Centre (SASIC).

The NSW Government is also investing in development of an aerotropolis around the new Western Sydney Airport. The aerotropolis will start to take shape over the coming decade and in addition to new housing, entertainment and infrastructure, it will feature an innovation hub for aerospace, defence, research and other industries.

As an early adoptee of advanced technology and expertise, Romar is well positioned to support aerospace customers with cutting-edge manufacturing solutions and expertise, and we are already working with companies including Jet Engines Australia and Gilmour Space Technologies on components for defence drones and rocket engines.

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Moving manufacturing forward

Advanced manufacturing holds increased potential when considered in tandem with other niche manufacturing.

Romar, for instance, has long excelled at the manufacture of medical grade silicone, medical device manufacturing, micromolding, elastomers, precision molding and clean room manufacturing.

We have the capability, technology and facilities to create components, assemblies and finished products for organisations ranging from start-ups to multinationals.

Our expertise means we can guide you at every stage from design for manufacturing and prototyping through to small or large scale metal manufacturing, and we can advise on best design and material selection for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions over the long term.

Contact us to discuss your project, and discover the potential of advanced manufacturing.

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