Romar Advanced Manufacturing Features on Ticker Business

Steve Milanoski, Romar Engineering’s Head of Advanced Manufacturing, recently featured on Ticker News, an international streaming news network focusing on breaking news, business and technology.

Ticker Business host, Mike Loder, spoke to Steve about Romar’s advanced manufacturing capability for industries including aerospace, mining and defence, our longevity as a leading manufacturer and our current focus on additive metal manufacturing.

Here’s what Steve had to say about our past and current projects and our future plans.

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Scalable manufacturing solutions… past to future

Mike Loder asked Steve why he thinks Romar is still at the forefront of Australian manufacturing, more than 50 years since we began.

“Bob Wilson and his son, Neil Wilson, our current owner, have always had forward vision,” explained Steve. “When Bob founded Romar, the focus was on automotive tooling. Neil got into industrial robotics in the 80s, moved into medical injection molding at the right time, and now Romar is Australia’s largest producer of IVF consumables.

There’s a lot of purpose to what we do, and our foray into aerospace, defence and whatever else, is a testament to how we address the Australian sector.”

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From Australia into orbit

Steve described some of the benefits of Romar’s additive manufacturing solutions.

“Our hallmark has always been scalable manufacturing solutions,” said Steve. “Metal additive manufacturing is really valuable when you get into aerospace, health care and other areas. Typically, if you’re machining, you’re removing material and there’s a lot of wastage. With additive manufacturing, we have more freedom for design and much better control over life cycle solutions, so it’s also a more sustainable technology.”

Steve also spoke to Mike about our recent MMI grant to develop our Australian-designed fluid and motion control solutions.

“We started our business plan for this project last October. With Austrade selecting Romar for the MMI project, they’ve really accelerated it and energised our capability. Fluid motion control in Australia is currently dominated by offshore companies, so we’ll be offering the Australian industry something that currently doesn’t exist here.”

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