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Romar is an industry leader with 50 years’ experience in manufacturing – and world-leading expertise. We excel at scalable and commercially viable manufacturing solutions… with key capability in advanced manufacturing.

Advanced manufacturing utilises cutting-edge methods, materials and technology – advanced manufacturing techniques include robotics and 3D printing for manufacturing – to provide innovative and globally-orientated manufacturing solutions.

Our advanced manufacturing expertise and state-of-the-art facilities mean we are uniquely positioned to deliver what others can’t.

“We take our core strengths… our additive capabilities, our elastomeric, IP and silicone injection capabilities along with our partnerships with research institutes and other companies, and we mold those into advanced products for our customers.”  – Steve Milanoski, Head of Advanced Manufacturing.

At Romar, we have full capability in the development, prototyping, testing and manufacture of superior quality components and something more… the ability to repair, renew and replace existing parts.

Molded steel with 3D lasertec machine behind

Advanced technology for leading results

At the heart of our advanced manufacturing capability is our DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine. It’s a 3D printer with unique metal-on and metal-off capability… and it’s the only one of its type in Australia.

In partnership with Australia’s premier scientific research organisation, CSIRO, Romar is the first company in the southern hemisphere to offer the Lasertec 65 3D metal printer.

We’re exclusively positioned to deliver novel solutions for clients in diverse sectors including:

  • Aerospace
  • Mining
  • Medical
  • Defence

With the Lasertec 65, our additive manufacturing capability includes metal-on and metal-off manufacturing of even the most complex components. So, we can engineer creative new designs – or repair, renew and replace existing parts, quickly and cost-effectively. Features of the Lasertec 65 include:

  • Additive and subtractive technology
  • Build size up to 600 x 600 x 400 mm
  • Deposition up to 10 times faster than a powder bed-based system.
  • Ability to produce complex 3D geometries up to 500mm
  • Capability to combine metals – by creating metal blends or adding metal to existing metal parts
  • Ability to repair or coat complex parts like turbine casings and blades, guide vanes, impellers, propellers, blisks, multi-material components, tubes and molds with internal features.

The Romar advantage

Our facilities, engineering excellence and technology including the Lasertec 65, our Leitz PMM – and from September 2021, our Concept Laser M2 Series 5 – position Romar as a leader in advanced manufacturing – with distinct advantages over other manufacturing companies.

We can use our PMM for inspection reports, part failure root analysis and reverse engineering of critical legacy parts. With the option to repair, renew or replace broken or worn parts with the Lasertec 65, our manufacturing clients have full flexibility for seamless maintenance… and fast-response breakdown correction.

Romar is one of only two or three commercial companies globally using this additive – and subtractive – machine. Standard 3D printing adds layers of metal to build components…

…but our 3D printer can add and subtract layers and combine metals with other materials – for optimum design and manufacturing flexibility. The Lasertech 65 has additional advantages. It builds quickly – and parts require no treatment or modification. So, we can manufacture prototypes or working components with immediate operation capacity.

Fast and flexible production lessens storage and maintenance requirements, minimises downstream disruption and maximises cost-effectiveness.

Advanced materials for premium components

Advanced materials are at the core of advanced manufacturing. Material selection is critical to a successful prototype – and production. Our materials experts analyse client requirements for detailed recommendations based on function, durability, aesthetics, cost – and consistency of performance.

Our 3D printer gives us the option of combining metal – and we work with complementary advanced materials, including elastomers and industrial-grade silicone.

We have the expertise to build complex components – that are resistant to wear and extreme conditions. We also work with difficult to use materials, including Viton and Aflas.

Advanced methods – and leading expertise

Advanced manufacturing requires advanced processes – and expertise.

Our clients benefit from the combined knowledge of our team of highly-skilled engineers and materials experts, including global leaders in their fields.

We started as toolmakers over 50 years ago, moved into manufacturing, and now specialise in advanced techniques and materials.

As an early adoptee of advanced technology, we excel at advanced manufacturing and processing solutions for clients spanning the aerospace, medical, mining and defence sectors. We also combine processes with quality assurance and quality control systems, so our design and manufacture meet the highest quality – for premium client performance.

Contact us for innovative, flexible and competitive manufacturing solutions.


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