Romar is committed to advancing Australian manufacturing

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Romar Engineering has become one of the most recognised brands in the Australian manufacturing community. We hear this when attending trade shows and manufacturing expos around the country.

This level of recognition can be attributed as much to our longevity as a business as it can to the continuing commitment to invest in our people, facilities and equipment over the past decade.

We have been building our manufacturing teams into subject matter experts around materials and methodologies by hiring the best and brightest we can find and equipping them with the best software and equipment we can buy.

This benefits our customers and manufacturing in general and keeps our people at the pointy end of emerging manufacturing technologies as well as developing advanced capability in conventional and non-conventional manufacturing techniques.

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Turning ideas and concepts into reality

Over the past 50 years, the Romar name has become synonymous with quality manufacturing across our traditional customer base. As Australia’s leading contract manufacturer of silicones and elastomers, our experience in the fields of medical devices and industrial solutions is widely regarded in the Australian market.

Further, the business has built its enviable reputation on the back of developing innovative techniques that have grown and developed in line with market demands.

Over the past decade, the speed and complexity of new product and component design utilising a variety of materials for extreme applications such as aerospace, has been significant.

The tolerance requirements and applications of new componentry have pushed aside some traditional manufacturing methods and required manufacturing businesses to reshape and evolve the way they do things. Romar has uniquely positioned itself by identifying trends and taking on ‘risk projects’, working in collaboration with product owners to develop successful long-term manufacturing solutions.

Through a willingness to partner, listen and evolve, Romar has used these experiences to drive our investment in people, software and equipment in order to keep our manufacturing processes and techniques up-to-date.

Employing the best people and investing in technology

State-of-the-art technology, systems and infrastructure are all critical additives to successful manufacturing. However, these elements are only as good as the team that works and manages the tools at their disposal.

At Romar, we have invested in the best and brightest people. We have recruited leaders in their fields and provided them with the most interesting and challenging opportunities, which continually stimulate them and grow our capability.

From the time you first connect with Romar, you will engage with engineers and subject matter experts who are uniquely qualified to problem solve. They will find solutions that streamline manufacturing and enhance your business.

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Our scope of capability leads the Australian manufacturing landscape

When it comes to manufacturing, Romar’s understanding and application of materials in manufacturing is unmatched in Australia. From silicones, rubbers and plastics to metals in 3D printing – our team has superior expertise in material selection, advanced and additive manufacturing, moulding and clean room manufacturing.

With years of manufacturing experience in the fields of medical device, mining, rail, industrial, defence and aerospace, Romar’s list of clients, collaborators and partners showcase an impressive portfolio of leading companies, universities and research facilities.

When you are ready to manufacture, speak to Australia’s foremost team and experience the next level of professionalism and manufacturing expertise.

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