Advanced Manufacturing Solutions for Aerospace

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Romar remains a leader in Australian manufacturing, thanks to expertise, innovation and unique advanced manufacturing capability for sectors including aerospace, medical, mining and defence.

Aerospace was one of the first industries to readily adopt additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, a strand of advanced manufacturing suitable for the creation of complex parts with innovative, high-tech and high-performance materials.

With Australia’s aerospace sector booming, Romar is ideally positioned to offer inventive manufacturing solutions across the sector, thanks to our industry-leading team and singular technology.

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Additive manufacturing for aerospace

While industry leaders like Boeing and Airbus have long utilised additive manufacturing, we’re now seeing an uptake of additive manufacturing solutions for smaller aerospace companies in Australia and globally. Many of these companies are seeking state-of-the-art solutions for increased performance and competitiveness.

A key consideration for aerospace manufacturing is material. Aerospace developers need components that are lightweight, able to withstand severe environmental conditions and compatible with stringent performance standards.

With our additive manufacturing techniques, we can manufacture bespoke, complex parts that meet the diverse needs of the sector and the strictest safety and certification requirements. Our additive manufacturing is beneficial for heightened performance, reduced waste and supply chain optimisation.

Common applications for additive manufacturing in aerospace include rocket engine components, environmental control systems ducting, tooling for composites, oil and fuel tanks and combustor linings.

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Innovating for Aerospace with the Lasertec 65 and Leitz PMM

At the heart of Romar’s advanced manufacturing capability is our state-of-the-art 3D printer – the DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine. It’s the only one in Australia – and globally, one of only three in commercial settings.

With the Lasertec 65, our additive manufacturing capability includes metal-on and metal-off hybrid manufacturing of precision and highly complex components.

We can engineer scalable new designs, develop one-off prototypes, or repair, renew and replace existing parts – rapidly and cost-effectively.

We also have the ability to combine metals or add hard to soft metal, manufacture larger components up to 600mm x 600mm x 400mm and build quickly (up to ten times faster than traditional powder bed based systems). Very importantly, we can manufacture parts for immediate use without modification or treatment.

In tandem with the Lasertec 65, we utilise the Leitz PMM, a fixed bridge/moving table CMM that measures the physical geometrical properties of an object. It features ultra-high accuracy and exceptional machine dynamics, and we use it to inspect complex parts such as critical flight components or parts that are single fault intolerant.

Repairs and rapid prototyping

Romar’s capability in the development, prototyping, testing and manufacture of superior quality components is ideally suited to emerging and established aerospace manufacturers in Australia. We are already collaborating with aerospace partners who are developing launch rockets and high tech jet engines.

We have capability to create monolithic, multi-material metal structures that can be finish machined and inspected in a single setup. This increase in machine accuracy correlates strongly to component performance, allowing you to push your designs harder for longer.

With flexibility for one-off or scalable production, we effectively straddle aerospace developers of all sizes and projects from infancy to large-scale production.

Diverse and globally-recognised expertise

Steve Milanoski, our Head of Advanced Manufacturing, came to us from SpaceX, where, as part of the additive manufacturing team, he designed rocket engine valves and components. Among his achievements is the design of the first ever additive manufacturing part that flew in space.

He joined a team of world-class materials, manufacturing and biomedical engineers at Romar.

“If you need specific properties like fatigue resistance, a specific hardness or something less prone to fracture, we can do that,” says Steve. “We can control percentages and make compositions on the fly. If you need something for a rocket, we can get creative.”

With decades of manufacturing experience, niche technology and outstanding materials expertise, Romar is a leader in smart and strategic manufacturing solutions. Contact us to see how our unique capability can help your project soar.

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