​​Enhancing Aerospace Manufacturing Systems with ProShop

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As we reported earlier this year, Romar Engineering has been focusing on new IT directions to streamline processes for enhanced customer solutions.

The most recent phase of this involves the integration of ProShop, an ERP (Enterprise Resource System) with an inbuilt MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and QMS (Quality Management System). This uniquely integrated software has immense customer benefits, as Sean Emery, Manufacturing Engineer, explains:

“There are a ton of ERP and MES systems out there that will increase the efficiency of workflow. One of the things that makes ProShop stand out is the integrated quality system, which will specifically help us improve quality monitoring and processes for aerospace manufacturing.”

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Introducing ProShop

ProShop is an advanced ERP system designed to dramatically improve manufacturing shop processes, workflow and efficiency.

“ProShop was designed and built by machinists who were creating parts for aerospace,” explains Sean. “They couldn’t find an ERP with the qualities they needed, so they built their own. As such, it’s very good at the machining side of operations, and that’s something the bigger companies don’t have.

Machining can be quite involved and difficult to tie into the ERP package,” adds Sean. “Both the machining operational compatibility and the inbuilt quality system will allow us to very quickly re-accredit the ProShop system to our current standards.”

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Maintaining quality and certification

As a leader in Australian manufacturing, Romar is accredited to both ISO 9001 (2015) and ISO 13485 (2016). ISO 9001 is the certification applicable to the manufacturing industry, and with ISO 13485, we are certified to provide medical devices to regulatory requirements including design, development, manufacturing and production control.

As we are rapidly expanding our advanced manufacturing solutions for aerospace, we are now in the process of adding AS9100D, the standardised quality management system for the aerospace sector.

“The ERP system we currently have is not specific enough for us to effectively acquire AS9100D, so we’ve been looking for another ERP for quite some time to integrate our aerospace requirements,” says Sean.

“Traditionally, ERP and QMS are separate systems and difficult to combine. With ProShop we can build quality management systems into it as we upgrade our ISO certification to meet aerospace manufacturing standards. It also has a lot of controls suitable for our medical ISO 13485 accreditation.”

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Training and implementation

Installing and setting up ProShop to work effectively within our current manufacturing processes is a significant undertaking.

“Another team member and I have spent two months training with the ProShop team,” says Sean. “We’re nearing completion and have started training our own team, starting with the advanced manufacturing and administration departments.

We’re about 20% through implementation, and we’re aiming to have full integration into our workflows by February or March next year.”

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Benefits for our customers

Traditionally, an ERP is a planning tool that allows us to schedule jobs and allocate resources, including personnel and materials. Sean explains that ProShop offers additional customer benefits.

“ProShop will of course increase efficiency in terms of lead times and costs, but having the quality system built in will also raise our quality standard as well. It’s much more efficient than having the two separate systems.

We can easily produce quality reporting including Non-Conformance Reports (NCR), Corrective Action Reports (CAR) and Preventative Action Reports (PAR), and if anything goes wrong it can be quickly picked up and addressed by our team on the floor. This will enhance workflow and mean the machine operations will be a lot more efficient as well.”

Romar has consistently embraced new technologies such as ProShop to ensure we remain at the forefront of manufacturing for the aerospace, medical, mining and defence sectors.

Please contact us for efficient, effective and innovative aerospace manufacturing solutions.

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