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Alan Lipman


‘We work on so many interesting and cutting edge things that you don’t see in the ordinary course of business. There’s so much work that goes on here at the cutting edge of manufacturing in terms of materials and processes – and that’s what inspires me.’

Alan has a solid and diverse background in running manufacturing companies and he’s at a point in his career where he can pick and choose where he goes next.

So in 2016 he chose Romar.

‘I have a solid understanding of the medical device industry and manufacturing. I greatly value the opportunities that present themselves when you put these two things together. I love running businesses. I say, ‘It’s the most fun you can have standing up.’ I have a particular management style that works well and I’ve had success in running businesses in a particular way – and that’s what gets me going.

I’m an early starter. I’m at my desk at 7 in the morning, and I’m happy to put in long days. I don’t consider it hard work, I consider it enjoyment.’

Alan has made a big impact on the team in the time he’s been with Romar. A diverse group, he relishes the opportunity to connect with each team member individually.

‘We’re pretty compatible. We operate in a harmonious and cooperative way. It’s my job to build a solid team structure and to do that you have to not only get everybody on board, but you also need to manage them as individuals. That’s a challenge I really enjoy.

There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. I like to run interesting businesses and that’s exactly what Romar is.’

Alan always wanted to be a businessman and set himself a goal of being a director of a public company by 30. He achieved that goal. He started out in merchant banking but found it very limiting, as finance is only one aspect of running a company.

He was looking for something a little more rewarding.

‘Romar has recently invested millions of dollars ensuring we have the right technology and equipment to be a strong niche player. We’re focusing on the work that sets us apart – the work that gives us a unique edge.’

Outside of building the company, Alan is a keen Sydney Swans supporter and loves sailing and fishing.

He’s also part of a diverse (and humorous) group of ‘Alans’ who regularly get together for barbecues and fishing trips away. On some occasions there have been up to 10 Alans together, with name tags saying ‘Hi, my name is Alan’.

And because there aren’t many little Alans being born anymore, these Alans are celebrating every way they know how.

Optimistic, encouraging and inspiring, this Alan has a truly fabulous sense of humour.


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