Australian Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing

Australia has a long history of innovative manufacturing – from backyard icons like the Hills Hoist to globally utilised devices like the ultrasound scanner, the bionic ear and the black box flight recorder.

Innovation is central to robust and effective manufacturing solutions, and it will be critical for the future of high-quality, sustainable and globally-competitive Australian manufacturing.

To ensure we’re equipped to meet future needs for advanced manufacturing, Romar has spent several years investing in world-leading technology and expertise. Here’s how we’re leading in advanced manufacturing… and why innovation is key to smart and strategic Australian manufacturing solutions.

Supporting local innovation

Advanced manufacturing is rapidly expanding in Australia, thanks to collaboration between manufacturers and leading research and development institutions such as the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) and ANSTO.

Romar is working alongside these organisations and with CSIRO’s initiative, Lab 22, an innovation centre for metallic additive manufacturing. The CSIRO established Lab 22 to strengthen local manufacturing capability and opportunities for Australian industry.

Simultaneously, sectors such as aerospace are booming, and our advanced manufacturing industry is attracting international recognition, with major multinationals including Boeing, BAE Systems, General Motors, Toyota, DuPont and Siemens establishing local hubs.

It’s clear that advanced manufacturing will be key to the future of Australian manufacturing and that it holds enormous potential for industries including medical, mining, defence and aerospace.

Man holding a molded steel

Unique technology and collaboration

Romar has remained at the forefront of Australian manufacturing by focusing on solid and proven manufacturing processes, by committing to innovation and by remaining open to collaborative potential.

Central to our advanced manufacturing technology is our Lasertec 65 3D printer with unique hybrid capabilities. It has capacity that no other 3D printer in Australia has. With the Lasertec 65, we can engineer prototypes or manufacture complex components for highly regulated industries.

Our capacity to repair, renew and replace parts rapidly and cost-effectively could transform existing industry processes for part usage, purchasing, storage and supply chain.

We’ve now completed several collaborative projects with pioneering companies across Australia, ranging from jet engine components to cutting-edge medical devices. These projects showcase our advanced additive technology… and the mutual benefits of smart collaboration.

Romar capability and expertise

Romar is recognised as an industry leader, with decades of commercial experience, a first-class engineering team and comprehensive capability that includes medical device manufacturing, elastomers, clean room manufacturing, micromolding – and advanced manufacturing.

As Australian manufacturers attempt to negotiate multiple challenges, including volatile markets, offshore competition and the current pandemic, it’s become clear that innovation is critical for the future of local manufacturers and our customers.

Contact us if you have a project that needs an innovative and exceptional advanced manufacturing solution.