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Streamlining Solutions with FUSION 360 AND NETFABB

As part of our focus to implement new IT systems at Romar Engineering, we’ve been working with CADPRO Systems, a leading supplier of professional Computer-Aided Design technology and data management solutions. CADPRO recently profiled Romar and how our successful collaboration using Fusion 360 and Netfabb, is helping us enhance efficiency for our Australian manufacturing clients.

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Alan Lipman On 2022 Australian Manufacturing

From our origins as a traditional manufacturer more than 50 years ago, Romar Engineer is now a leader in innovative manufacturing solutions. Whilst Australian manufacturing has faced significant challenges over the last two years, Alan Lipman sees promising signs for 2022 and beyond. Here he explains what we’re likely to see in Australian manufacturing this year.

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Manufacturing Supply Issues... and Mitigation

The pandemic has impacted Australian manufacturing in several ways, with major supply chain issues leading to shipping delays, soaring transport costs and a significant shortage of parts and raw materials. We explain here just what’s happening, why supply chains are being impacted so severely and how we plan to leverage our expertise to help mitigate supply chain issues in the future.

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Technology Key to Post-Pandemic Manufacturing

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Cathy Foley, recently outlined why she believes science and technology will drive a post-pandemic Australian manufacturing boom. Romar Engineering has long embraced innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Here’s why we agree technology – in tandem with world-class expertise and collaboration – will be crucial for Australian manufacturing beyond the pandemic.

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Australian Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing

Australia has a long history of innovative manufacturing – from backyard icons like the Hills Hoist to the globally-recognised ultrasound scanner, the bionic ear and the black box flight recorder. To ensure we’re equipped for future industry needs, Romar has invested in world-leading technology and expertise… and here’s why we know Australian innovation is key to smart manufacturing.

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Exceptional Advanced Manufacturing in Australia

With access to world-class technology and teams – and increasing government and industry support for sectors including aerospace – advanced manufacturing opportunities in Australia are set to flourish. Here’s how advanced manufacturing such as ours brings greater opportunity to develop smart, innovative and globally competitive manufacturing solutions across diverse local industries.

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Romar New ANSTO Industry Partner

Romar Engineering frequently collaborates with like-minded Australian innovators and after a recent meeting with the team at ANSTO, we’re pleased to announce that we are now an ANSTO industry partner. This gives us an opportunity to access ANSTO’s cutting-edge technology and facilities… and ensure we continue to provide leading advanced manufacturing solutions for our clients.

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Manufacturing in Australia for Leading, Local Solutions

As a leading Australian manufacturer for over 50 years, Romar is acutely aware of the challenges local manufacturers face. A small domestic market and a perception of cheaper manufacturing in nations including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China, has traditionally driven much manufacturing offshore. Thanks to exciting developments in local sectors, manufacturing in Australia is growing.

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Manufacturing in Australia or Overseas

Its common knowledge that the Australian manufacturing industry is in a period of change. Automotive manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota and Holden were once the powerhouse of the industry. They have all now left Australia. So its remarkable that the manufacturing industry is still growing, thanks to local manufacturers finding their niche and becoming experts in manufacturing certain products.

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Globalisation of Australian Manufacturing

Over the last 25 years, the Australian manufacturing industry has moved from a protected to an open global environment. CSIRO’s Advanced Manufacturing roadmap recently concluded that the focus for Australian manufacturers should now be on an integrated, collaborative and export-focused ecosystem. Global collaboration using Australia’s specialised resources is the industry’s future.

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