Alan Lipman talks Australian Manufacturing on ABC’s ‘The Business’

Alan Lipman on ABC to Talk Australian Manufacturing

Whilst the pandemic has adversely impacted many industry sectors, there has been one potential benefit for Australian manufacturing. Disruptions to global supply chains have redirected more organisations towards onshore production, a boon for local manufacturers who have the expertise, team and technology to meet the demand.

While the current lockdowns in several states have temporarily slowed the sector, Australian manufacturing has grown exponentially in recent years.

In light of this, ABC program ‘The Business’ recently featured three Australian manufacturers who have had significant success through the pandemic – including Romar Engineering. Reporter Rachel Pupazzoni spoke to Romar CEO, Alan Lipman, and here’s what they had to say.

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Australian manufacturing through COVID-19

The pandemic has illustrated the clear benefit of shorter supply chains, something likely to help the sector post pandemic, and it seems the local industry is feeling confident.

“After the initial shock of the pandemic, manufacturing grew at its fastest pace in five years until May,” explained Rachel Pupazzoni during the ABC segment. “In the three months to June, production rose 0.9%. While lockdowns have slowed growth, the prospects of states opening up has seen activity pick up again.”

Jingyi Pan, IHS Markit Economics Associate Director also sees that growth accelerating. “Business confidence is still improving amongst manufacturers and I think it’s visible as well in terms of actual risk taking behaviour… by that I mean in terms of increasing employment.”

Space shuttle rockets launch into space

Romar hits orbit

The ABC interview called attention to the Australian Government’s MMI initiative to support advanced manufacturing, and Romar’s winning MMI grant to boost aerospace manufacturing for the local market.

“Last October, the Government said it would invest more than one billion dollars in six areas of manufacturing, including medical products, defence and space. Companies that expanded into those areas have been rewarded, like Romar Engineering, which is now a very different business from how it started 50 years ago.

We’re manufacturing bespoke parts for all the major players in space in Australia – engine components and various other bits and pieces,” explained Alan. “A lot of the parts that we’ve been asked to design and build from scratch are parts that can’t be sourced from overseas.”

With full capability across advanced manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, silicone products, elastomers, precision molding and additive manufacturing, Romar Engineering will continue to offer leading Australian manufacturing solutions.

Please view the full interview here, and contact us to discuss your next manufacturing project.

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