Streamlining Australian Manufacturing Production with Fusion 360 and Netfabb

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As reported last year, we’ve been implementing new IT systems at Romar Engineering to streamline and enhance our processes from project analysis through design for manufacture, materials section and commercial manufacturing.

Throughout the project, we’ve been working with CADPRO Systems, a leading supplier of professional Computer-Aided Design technology and data management solutions.

Utilising Fusion 360 and Netfabb software and CADPRO consulting services, we’ve switched to cloud data, eliminated the process of emailing models and significantly upskilled our team.

CADPRO recently profiled Romar and how our successful collaboration is helping us enhance efficiency for our global and Australian manufacturing clients.

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About CADPRO Systems

CADPRO specialises in Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology for architects and engineers; and for manufacturers, Design for Manufacture, CNC enablement and CNC post processor development/customisation.

The company provides consultation and training in addition to software and workstations as part of its data management solutions for manufacturers, designers and contractors.

CADPRO’s primary focus is on implementing holistic solutions to help clients optimise internal procedures, and to deliver better outcomes in terms of accelerated design and design quality, shortened product development cycles and cost reductions.

Romar approached CADPRO looking for an integrated IT solution to accommodate our newest technology, the GE Concept Laser M2 Series 5, a next-generation DMLM additive printer that is particularly suited to projects across highly regulated industries including aerospace, medical, mining and defence.

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Leading Australian manufacturing

CADPRO recently interviewed Steve Milanoski, Romar’s Head of Advanced Manufacturing, for a customer profile. Here’s an excerpt:

To shift to an integrated software approach, Romar needed a solution that could coordinate teams and streamline design-to-manufacture without sacrificing operational quality or simulation fidelity. Employing software that allowed them to remain competitive and agile was another critical consideration.

Steve Milanoski – “Our competitors have a huge financial advantage; however, we can move quickly, and they can’t. To move quickly, we can’t be jumping across platforms; the team has to be on the same page.”

Of particular importance was material parameter development for 3D metal printing, which was ‘vital’ for market expansion and would give Romar an advantage few competitors could match.

Steve Milanoski – “Romar has a history of pivoting successfully. We’ve gone from toolmakers, to roboticists, to injection molders to biomedical manufacturers. When printing for space, I need to start from first principles and develop materials that will optimise print speed and mechanical performance, without reinventing the wheel.”

You can read the full profile here and more of our Australian manufacturing news. Please also contact us to discuss our comprehensive and innovative Australian manufacturing solutions.

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