Romar Attends the Inaugural Australian Space Summit

Colleagues wearing corporate attires in an event

On Thursday 24 March, Romar Engineering’s Alan Lipman (CEO) and Steve Milanoski (Head of Advanced Manufacturing) attended the inaugural Australian Space Summit at The Star, Sydney.

Hosted by Space Connect, the event is a highlight of the Australian space industry, featuring presentations by national experts – and providing a unique opportunity to connect with others in the aerospace manufacturing sector.

“The Australian Space Summit brings together specialists from around the country,” says Alan Lipman.

“It gives us a good chance to connect with others working in the space industry and to discuss potential applications for our unique additive manufacturing technology and capability.”

Space summit highlights

The presenters included host, Alan Duffy, Director of the Space Institute, Swinburne, and keynote speaker, Enrico Palermo, Head of the Australian Space Agency, who discussed the economic benefits of an Australian space industry and the agency’s future directions.

Of particular note was ‘The space boom: Modern manufacturing road map for growth’, a panel featuring Adam Gilmour of Gilmour Space Technologies as one of the participants.

The Federal Government has invested over $700 million in the civil space sector since 2018, and forecasts indicate the sector is on track to grow to $1.1 trillion by 2040. Adam reiterated the unique opportunities available for those in the aerospace manufacturing sector to access both domestic and global supply chains.

He pointed out that some bulk commodities, like aluminium, are currently difficult to source. While he said, it is expected the issues will resolve by the end of 2022, there may be supply problems “if it doesn’t normalise after that.

At the event, Alan and Steve met with Dr Paul Scully-Power, Australia’s first astronaut, and fellow delegates including Adam and Michelle Gilmour and Nina Patz of Hypersonix Launch Systems.

During his speech, Dr Scully-Power urged the Australian government and industry to invest in space-based solar power (SBSP) to boost the country’s net-zero efforts.

How can Australia go from the second bottom G20 country as we are today?” he said. “It comes down to leadership, and leadership is all about vision, and vision is all about big ideas … you’re all aware that the costs of energy is rising, so why don’t we look to space to provide cheap and limitless power?

Growing our advanced manufacturing capability

Romar continues to grow our aerospace manufacturing capability, with a world-class team and state-of-the-art technology.

We focus on innovation, and we embrace collaboration with companies including Gilmour Space Technologies and Hypersonix Launch Systems, to deliver our globally-oriented advanced manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, medical, mining and defence sectors.

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