Barathi Raja

Barathi Raja

Barathi Raja joined Romar in November 2018 as a Senior Design and Development Engineer. He works closely with Romar’s Head of Technical Development, Carlo Cartini.

Raja’s background is in mechanical engineering. He holds a first class Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Madras University.

“I love physics and solids science. This is the reason why I chose mechanical engineering…its my passion, dream and a major part of my life.”

Raja’s extensive experience extends to product and tool design for the automotive, medical device, aeronautical and home appliance sectors.

He loves a challenge and finds he learns best from colleagues rather than books or articles.

“I believe hard work and the eagerness to learn new things has helped me to achieve my goals. I am a good listener. Past mistakes have only helped me to learn more and do better the next time”

On a day-to-day basis, Raja’s focus at Romar is on tooling. He manages technical issues and produces technical documents for new and existing products. His first goal is to put the needs of Romar’s customers first by producing product designs that are practical, usable and economically viable.

“I enjoy working at Romar because I work with people from all over the world. Romar employ the brightest engineers and they are experts in what they do.”

When he is not at work, Raja is busy with his young family.

“I like exploring new places, especially when I can drive long distances.”


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