Romar New ANSTO Industry Partner

Romar Engineering frequently collaborates with like-minded Australian innovators and after a recent meeting with the team at ANSTO, we’re pleased to announce that we are now an ANSTO industry partner. This gives us an opportunity to access ANSTO’s cutting-edge technology and facilities… and ensure we continue to provide leading advanced manufacturing solutions for our clients.


Romar Manufacturing Innovation Update

Romar has remained a leader in Australian manufacturing by continually updating and adapting our capability and our technology. It’s forward-thinking that enables us to deliver smart solutions across diverse areas, including additive manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, micromolding and medical grade silicone… and for industries including aerospace, mining and defence. Here’s a brief update on our innovation focus 2020.

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Four Key Reasons to Choose a Turnkey Manufacturer

As a leading turnkey manufacturer, Romar has proven manufacturing processes that start with expert analysis and extend through design for manufacture, material selection, commercial manufacturing plus logistics and distribution. There are several reasons why a turnkey manufacturer is the optimum choice for high-quality, compliant and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Here are our top four.


Best Applications for Fluorosilicone Manufacturing

Romar is an expert in diverse manufacturing solutions and we’re the leader in bespoke silicone solutions. Our silicone expertise includes medical grade silicone, silicone molding and fluorosilicone – which has particular benefits for the aerospace, industrial and auto industries. To understand whether it’s the best option for your project, it’s important to understand its material characteristics.

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Understanding What it Means to Be Manufacturing Ready

As a turnkey manufacturer, Romar looks after every stage from design for manufacture through to logistics and distribution. While we lead in innovative and commercially robust manufacturing solutions, we are not product designers. We come on board when a project is manufacturing ready. Here’s what that means.

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The Benefits of and Best Uses for Nitrile Rubber Manufacturing

Diverse manufacturing capability is a Romar Engineering hallmark, and a core part of our capability across elastomers, silicone, precision moulding, medical device manufacturing and additive manufacturing, is expansive materials expertise. At Romar, we commonly work with nitrile rubber, and here we explain its benefits and common manufacturing applications.

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Romar Forging Ahead with Innovative Collaborations

Romar Engineering is a leader in Australian manufacturing, and we’ve established our position by committing to transformative technologies and remaining open to collaborative potential. By working with pioneering companies across Australia in areas including aerospace and medical, we’re part of exciting projects that showcase Romar’s unique expertise… and the benefits of synergy between like-minded Australian manufacturers.

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Manufacturing in Australia for Leading, Local Solutions

As a leading Australian manufacturer for over 50 years, Romar is acutely aware of the challenges local manufacturers face. A small domestic market and a perception of cheaper manufacturing in nations including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China, has traditionally driven much manufacturing offshore. With exciting developments in local sectors such as aerospace and advanced manufacturing, that may be about to change.

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Unlocking Features of the Lasertec 65: Additive and Subtractive Hybrid Technology

Romar has provided quality manufacturing solutions for over 50 years, and it remains a leader in Australian manufacturing, thanks to extensive expertise across areas including advanced manufacturing. Central to our advanced capability is the Lasertec 65 – an outstanding 3D printer with unique additive – and subtractive – capability. The potential of additive and subtractive technology is immense. As understanding of this technology grows, we can likely expect an uptake of innovative hybrid manufacturing solutions across diverse sectors.

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Romar Welcomes Former Intern to its Exceptional Team

As a leading Australian manufacturer, Romar has a highly skilled in-house team with diverse capabilities. We’ve recently welcomed to the team one of our outstanding former interns, Morgan Wagner. Morgan interned with us whilst completing a double degree in engineering and human biology, and we’re delighted to welcome him back to the fold as a full-time staff member.