A Romar Guide to 3D Printing for Manufacturing

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing, new technology has both challenged – and empowered – traditional manufacturers. Our advanced manufacturing capability includes cutting-edge additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D printing. To understand the best applications for additive manufacturing, it’s important to be clear on the processes, potential and practical considerations that make it suitable for specific projects.

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Welcoming our Advanced Manufacturing Intern, Sophie Heasman

Romar’s vast capability has long been a drawcard for interns. The latest to join our internship program is Sophie Heasman from Sydney University. Sophie is an outstanding engineering student and she also brings something quite unique, given she is currently completing a double degree in mechatronic engineering… and philosophy.


Understanding Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Romar Engineering has been at the forefront of Australian manufacturing for over 50 years, and we’ve seen – and adapted to – major changes in industry practices. To deliver robust manufacturing solutions today, we know that manufacturers need innovative technology, broad capability and agility.

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Why Technology Is Key to Post-Pandemic Australian Manufacturing

Australia’s Chief Scientist Cathy Foley, recently outlined why she believes science and technology will drive a post-pandemic Australian manufacturing boom. Romar has long embraced innovation and state-of-the-art technology to provide our diverse manufacturing solutions. Here’s why we agree research and technology – with expertise and collaboration – will be crucial for Australian manufacturing post COVID-19.


Romar Welcomes Hayden Mclaughlin as Manufacturing Engineer

In late 2020, we introduced intern Hayden Mclaughlin, who was able to experience first-hand our manufacturing capability across areas including advanced manufacturing, silicone and medical device manufacturing. We’re now very pleased to advise that having completed his internship, we’ve welcomed Hayden on board as our newest manufacturing engineer.


Understanding Cost Fluctuations in Manufacturing Materials

Romar’s engineers consider multiple factors in material selection. Fluctuating prices in manufacturing materials arise not just by the choice of material, however. There are several aspects that might affect material costs including the need to meet industry regulations and Standards plus the impact of global markets on raw material availability and shipping.

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Four Key Factors That Can Affect Your Manufacturing Timeline

Romar has implemented proven and robust processes to ensure our tailored manufacturing solutions are scalable, cost-effective and that they consistently meet regulatory standards.
There are several elements that may impact your project timeline however, and an understanding of these will help ensure you are able to factor in variables for realistic and efficient production schedules.

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Romar’s New IT Directions: Streamlining Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

As recently reported, we’re midway through a project to upgrade our IT systems and software – and move in new IT directions. One focus is on technology upgrades to streamline processes for enhanced efficiency. Here’s what that involves and how it will help us deliver robust and cost-effective advanced manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, defence, mining and medical sectors.

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Romar’s New IT Directions: Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

With five decades in Australian manufacturing, Romar Engineering has continually adapted to stay a leader in comprehensive and cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. In the first of a two-part blog, we look at our new IT Directions, and how we’re implementing Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions to enhance productivity and quality for every customer.


The Importance of a Clean Room for Quality Manufacturing

Central to Romar Engineering’s vast manufacturing capability is industry-leading expertise, advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities. With our ISO Class 8 clean room, we’re equipped for comprehensive and specialised manufacturing solutions for clients across medical, aerospace and defence. Here’s what clean room manufacturing involves, and why it’s central to first-class manufacturing for highly regulated industries.