Understanding Cost Fluctuations in Manufacturing Materials

Romar’s engineers consider multiple factors in material selection. Fluctuating prices in manufacturing materials arise not just by the choice of material, however. There are several aspects that might affect material costs including the need to meet industry regulations and Standards plus the impact of global markets on raw material availability and shipping.

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Four Key Factors That Can Affect Your Manufacturing Timeline

Romar has implemented proven and robust processes to ensure our tailored manufacturing solutions are scalable, cost-effective and that they consistently meet regulatory standards.
There are several elements that may impact your project timeline however, and an understanding of these will help ensure you are able to factor in variables for realistic and efficient production schedules.

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Romar’s New IT Directions: Streamlining Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

As recently reported, we’re midway through a project to upgrade our IT systems and software – and move in new IT directions. One focus is on technology upgrades to streamline processes for enhanced efficiency. Here’s what that involves and how it will help us deliver robust and cost-effective advanced manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, defence, mining and medical sectors.

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Romar’s New IT Directions: Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

With five decades in Australian manufacturing, Romar Engineering has continually adapted to stay a leader in comprehensive and cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. In the first of a two-part blog, we look at our new IT Directions, and how we’re implementing Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions to enhance productivity and quality for every customer.


The Importance of a Clean Room for Quality Manufacturing

Central to Romar Engineering’s vast manufacturing capability is industry-leading expertise, advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities. With our ISO Class 8 clean room, we’re equipped for comprehensive and specialised manufacturing solutions for clients across medical, aerospace and defence. Here’s what clean room manufacturing involves, and why it’s central to first-class manufacturing for highly regulated industries.


The Importance of ISO in Manufacturing

Romar Engineering’s industry-leading team has the expertise to deliver fully compliant, scalable and robust manufacturing solutions, and with ISO certification, our manufacturing always meets International Standards. ISO Standards are a key part of the manufacturing process and a client’s assurance that your manufacturing partner is certified for safety, reliability and consistency.

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The 2020 Romar Engineering Wrap

Challenging is perhaps the most common descriptive for 2020 around the globe. While it has been a difficult year for many in the manufacturing sector, we’re fortunate to have been able to continue offering our diverse manufacturing solutions for clients in the aerospace, medical, mining and defence sectors. From COVID-19 to incredible collaborations, here’s what the Romar Engineering team has been up to in 2020.


New Intern for Romar Team

Romar’s expert manufacturing solutions are the result of decades of experience and an exceptional in-house team. Our expertise is a drawcard for our customers in mining, manufacturing, aerospace and defence – and it’s one reason we regularly welcome outstanding engineering students as interns. Hayden McLaughlin is the latest to join us and discover that access to industry leaders and state-of-the-art technology has its benefits.

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Understanding Finite Element Analysis

At Romar, we rely on decades of traditional manufacturing experience, plus specialised capability across areas including advanced manufacturing, elastomers, silicone and medical device manufacturing. Our expertise helps us create tailored manufacturing solutions that meet specific client objectives, and one method we employ is finite element analysis (FEA). Here’s what that involves and why it’s crucial for cost-effective and efficient manufacturing.

Silicone Manufacturing

Why Choose Silicone for Your Manufacturing Solution?

Romar Engineering’s world-class team of material engineers implicitly understand silicone properties – and that expertise is key to delivering our tailored and first-class silicone manufacturing solutions. Silicone’s numerous properties align it with a variety of commercial uses across sectors including medical, mining and aerospace. Why choose silicone for your manufacturing project? These are some of the key benefits.