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Why Romar is Your Ideal Partner for Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is central to the future of smart, strategic and globally competitive Australia industries. As sectors including aerospace continue to boom, it’s clear that there is great potential for those Australian manufacturers that embrace cutting-edge technology and processes. Technology is just one strand of high-quality and effective manufacturing, however. Here’s what else makes Romar your ideal partner for innovative and effective advanced manufacturing solutions.


Australian Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing

Australia has a long history of innovative manufacturing – from backyard icons like the Hills Hoist to globally utilised devices like the ultrasound scanner, the bionic ear and the black box flight recorder. To ensure we’re equipped to meet future industry needs, Romar has spent several years investing in world-leading technology and expertise. Here’s how we’re leading in advanced manufacturing… and why innovation is key to smart manufacturing solutions.


What to Look for in a Manufacturing Partner

Romar has been delivering exceptional manufacturing solutions for decades – and we remain a leader in Australian manufacturing, thanks to our innovation, expertise and adaptability. Robust manufacturing solutions require proficiency across manufacturing techniques – and quite a bit more. This is our guide to what to look for in a manufacturing partner for an effective, industry-specific and globally orientated manufacturing solution.

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Beyond 2020 – What the Decade Holds for Advanced Manufacturing

At Romar, we’ve been providing comprehensive manufacturing solutions for close to 50 years, so we implicitly understand manufacturing processes, materials, technology… and trends. So what to expect beyond 2020? In addition to emerging technology, the future of advanced manufacturing is likely to see an increased awareness and uptake of innovative technologies such as additive manufacturing – and a wider shift in industry practices to embrace collaboration and customised manufacturing solutions.

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Four Key Reasons to Choose a Turnkey Manufacturer

As a leading turnkey manufacturer, Romar has proven manufacturing processes that start with expert analysis and extend through design for manufacture, material selection, commercial manufacturing plus logistics and distribution. There are several reasons why a turnkey manufacturer is the optimum choice for high-quality, compliant and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Here are our top four.


Romar Features in Latest AMT Issue

In recent years, Romar has focused on building our advanced manufacturing team and technology, and we’ve since initiated exciting projects and collaborations in diverse sectors, including aerospace. We’re delighted that our additive manufacturing capability features in the latest issue of Australian Manufacturing Technology (AMT) journal, published by AMTIL.


Opportunities for Exceptional Advanced Manufacturing in Australia

Advanced manufacturing in Australia is emerging as a niche sector with incredible potential. With access to world-class technology and teams – and increasing government and industry support for sectors including aerospace – advanced manufacturing in Australia is set to flourish. Here’s how advanced manufacturing such as ours brings greater opportunity to develop smart, innovative and globally competitive manufacturing solutions.


Romar New ANSTO Industry Partner

Romar Engineering frequently collaborates with like-minded Australian innovators and after a recent meeting with the team at ANSTO, we’re pleased to announce that we are now an ANSTO industry partner. This gives us an opportunity to access ANSTO’s cutting-edge technology and facilities… and ensure we continue to provide leading advanced manufacturing solutions for our clients.

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How Advanced Manufacturing Provides Smart Solutions

Advanced manufacturing is changing commercial and industrial practices and processes around the globe. Much more than technology, advanced manufacturing is also about innovation, processes and performance. Romar’s advanced manufacturing provides smart solutions by integrating smart technology, smart processes and smart strategy.


Romar Manufacturing Innovation Update

Romar has remained a leader in Australian manufacturing by continually updating and adapting our capability and our technology. It’s forward-thinking that enables us to deliver smart solutions across diverse areas, including additive manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, micromolding and medical grade silicone… and for industries including aerospace, mining and defence. Here’s a brief update on our innovation focus 2020.