Carlo Cartini

Carlo Cartini


‘I like solving problems and I like leaving things better than I found them. I like being able to look at a set of circumstances and find a way through to produce a result.’

Materials expert and industrial chemist Carlo Cartini thrives on a challenge.

And when he talks about problems, circumstances and results, it’s pure engineer speak.

Carlo Cartini is also irreverent, funny, and loves a good joke.

‘Yes there are times to be serious, but it’s also important to play. Engineers tend to be cynical rather than playful – I like to be the exception to the rule.’

Part introvert, part extrovert, Carlo is energised by both working with the right people and by working on his own.

Reflective and deep, he thinks through problems logically, as well as the consequences of actions.

Carlo left school because he wanted a ‘clean job’. He tried a few different things, including a cadetship down in Port Kembla (which was the furthest thing from a clean job) but found himself drawn to materials and specifically, a rubber factory.

‘Nothing I’ve ever done as been as fulfilling as what I’m doing now. I’m pretty good at it, which helps.’

Carlo jokes that in the rubber industry you need three pairs of shoes: the pair of shoes you work in, the pair of shoes you drive home in, and the pair of shoes you walk through the front door in. It’s a dirty job, but one he wouldn’t trade for the world.

‘There are so many opportunities for development, learning and understanding how to create rubber formulations for very specific tasks.’

A logical thinker, Carlo needs things to ‘fit together’ and to make sense. He also loves to travel and discover new things.

But his most rewarding role in life would most certainly be the IT role he plays at home every single day –Carlo calls it ‘Geeks To Me’.

He says you can call him for all your home networking and internet requirements. His family certainly does.

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