China Trip 2019 – Alan Lipman and Michael Cai

Fostering our young engineers and relationships with suppliers

During May, Alan Lipman (CEO) and Michael Cai (Design Engineer) visited China to meet with new and existing suppliers. Our suppliers in China are very important to Romar, ensuring we meet the manufacturing needs of our customers. Open communication and supplier visits help to maintain good relationships.

This trip was a huge opportunity for Michael, one of our youngest and brightest engineers.

China's map

4 suppliers in 4 days

The trip was certainly a whirlwind. Alan and Michael visited 4 suppliers in 4 days.

Day 1 – Guangzhou (Arrived Sunday evening 6pm)

Alan and Michael spent Sunday travelling from Sydney to China. They arrived at 6 in the evening into Guangzhou before getting a taxi the next morning to Foshan.

Day 2 – Foshan

Their first supplier visit was a rubber and silicone manufacturer in Foshan. Foshan is fast becoming an innovation hub in China’s manufacturing industry. The focus is on increasing their advanced manufacturing output. In 2017, its advanced and high-tech manufacturing sectors grew by 9.8% and 16.3%, respectively.

Different sizes of bottle nipples

This company has been in the business of rubber and silicone for over 30 years. They own two production plants with an area of over 50,000 square metres. Romar has working with this supplier for some time and their visit reinforced this important relationship.

Their clean room is certainly up to Australian standards. It’s classified as Class 10,000, which is equivalent to ISO7 in Australia. This is one of the reasons they are a trusted partner in the manufacture of medical devices.

Alan and Michael spent some time touring their manufacturing departments and tooling room.

A machine that runs 24/7 particularly caught their eye because of its ability to meet Romar’s increasing demand for silicone molding for parts in medical devices.

Shenzhen City view

Day 3 – Shenzhen

On Day 3, Alan and Michael drove to Shenzhen, to visit one of our most reliable and trusted plastic suppliers. This privately held company has delivered a variety of plastic molds for Romar over the years.

Alan was keen to discuss some important upcoming projects that require some very specialised plastic mold parts.

Dinner that evening was at a traditional Cantonese restaurant.

Rubber machine

Day 4 – Shenzhen and Hong Kong


Their final morning in Shenzhen brought Alan and Michael to a new supplier that specialises in silicone and plastic tool making. They work across a variety of industries including automotive, cosmetics and medical devices.

This company has the potential to be very important to Romar meeting our clients’ demands. They have the ability to produce over 200 new silicone and plastic molds every year.


In the afternoon, Alan and Michael visited Jiaxin Electronic Equipment Technology. They are one of the top machinery suppliers in China, specialising in high quality rubber machinery.

Romar has seen an increase in demand for silicone parts in the past year and would like to purchase a new silicone press from a trusted supplier.

This visit went extremely well. They then jumped on a van to cross the border to Hong Kong before flying back to Sydney the next morning.