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Cyrus Technology

Our partnership with Cyrus Technology helps us custom-craft molded components with ultra-precision in world-class micromolding facilities in Singapore.

Micromolding involves producing extraordinarily small parts with extreme precision. The micromolded parts we manufacture are commonly measured in microns.

We also produce small-sized parts with micro features or mould in and around existing components.

Our Singapore based partners, Cyrus Technology, have a strong customer culture and an excellent track record in precision mould design, fabrication and polymeric parts manufacturing.

A perfect partnership delivers:

  • in-house expertise in precision mould design and fabrication
  • continuous innovation breakthrough in precision mould design and fabrication
  • fully equipped measurement and testing facility and capability
  • ISO certified/practice TQM
  • cost-effectiveness focus

With expertise in:

  • Project Management
  • precision mold design and fabrication
  • micromolding

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