Dan Meckes Joins Romar as Principal Engineer

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Romar Engineering is in a phase of growth, thanks in part to a successful $5.8m grant awarded to us this year under the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI), a $1.3 billion Federal Government program designed to position Australia as a global manufacturing player.

We’re using the grant to grow our exceptional team of additive engineers and materials specialists, and one of our newest arrivals is Dan Meckes, who we’re pleased to announce has joined us as Principal Engineer.

With a background spanning medical device manufacturing, aerospace and defence, Dan is ideally placed to develop our tailored and scalable manufacturing solutions for aerospace, medical, mining and defence.

Introducing Dan Meckes

Romar’s broad expertise includes decades of medical device manufacturing. A highly experienced engineer, Dan has also worked in the medical field and has longstanding experience with medical devices.

“Prior to becoming an engineer, I worked as a surgical technician at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in the United States, and that’s when I developed an interest in medical devices. I had initially thought of training as a medic, but I have a passion for physics and applied mathematics, and I saw there was a huge opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives developing medical devices.”

Dan worked at Rowan University in New Jersey for several years, designing small heat exchangers to cool the heart, brain and pancreas in patients with inflammatory disorders. After emigrating to Australia four years ago, he worked with a company developing electrophysiology devices to treat heart rhythm disorders.

Now with Romar, Dan is helping to develop innovative and robust solutions for our medical manufacturing clients.

Fine element model

Connecting with Romar…

Dan started with Romar Engineering in late November, after following our company’s activities for several years.

“I had been keeping an eye on Romar through the news and had noticed its expansion and success in aerospace and additive manufacturing,” he says.

Dan has joined Romar’s advanced manufacturing department, where he utilises Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software – including Abaqus for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and XFlow for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – to aid in the design process for medical devices and Romar’s fluid and motion control valves.

My role is to lead the design aspects of contract work that comes in, mostly in the medical device industry but also helping with defence and aerospace projects. Using CAE allows for rapid development of complex designs without the need for multiple rounds of material procurement, prototype assembly, and bench testing—it significantly reduces the time to market.”

Romar Engineering Team

…and an exceptional engineering team

Dan is exceptionally impressed with the Romar team.

“Coming to Romar is like a breath of fresh air. It’s a great team and we have highly skilled junior engineers as well; very sharp young engineers with a lot of potential.

There’s also a high level of respect for all of the engineers here,” he adds. “We’re expected to get the work done and we have the autonomy to do that the best way we see fit.”

At Romar, our engineers excel at commercially viable and innovative advanced manufacturing, elastomers and medical device manufacturing. To discuss your project, please contact us.