Romar - Deborah Christmas

Deborah Christmas


The ‘catch all’ at Romar

Deborah (or “Deb” as she prefers to be known) is Romar’s office administrator and receptionist. She has many, many years of experience as both team and personal assistants.

If you ask anyone in the Romar team, they will tell you how valuable she is, keeping the office running efficiently every day.

No two days are the same for Deb. On a typical morning, she will arrive to look through her emails and then write a to-do list. As the day progresses, she often sees this to-do list being blown out of the water.

Deb is your first point of contact when you phone us at Romar. She also looks after payroll, collections, stationery, accounts, data entry, travel planning and much more.

“I enjoy the variety of my role at Romar. I’m here to assist the whole team, so I often receive last minute and urgent requests.”


Her stand out memories from the last 4 years

Deb enjoyed organising the Lasertec 65 launch during 2016. This was a big event. Particularly because Romar’s Lastertec machine is the only one of its type in Australia. Deb was a key member of the team that ensured this event went off without a hitch.

Deb enjoys being travel coordinator for Neil and Alan when they do their annual trips overseas, usually to the USA. She’s responsible for putting together their full itinerary, including flights, meetings and accommodation. It’s a big task, but one she relishes.

A highly valued member of the Romar family

A highly valued member of the Romar family

Deb describes Romar as a family oriented business. A sentiment echoed by most of the staff.

“The team at Romar are warm and welcoming. It makes it enjoyable to come to work everyday and be surrounded by such a supportive team”

When she is not at work…

When Deb is not at work, she loves spending time with her family. She is the proud mother of two and grandmother of four. Once upon a time, she was very involved in archery, fencing, horse ride and small bore shooting. These days she prefers watching her grandsons play sport.


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