Cutting Edge and Comprehensive Advanced Manufacturing for Defence

F-14 jet fighter on an aircraft carrier deck

As a leader in Australian manufacturing for 50 years, Romar has the expertise to deliver first-class prototype development and scalable manufacturing solutions for highly regulated industries including defence, medical and aerospace.

With capability across multiple manufacturing strands including elastomers, micromolding, silicone and industrial manufacturing, and with advanced manufacturing capability unique to Australia, we’re able to provide fast, effective and efficient manufacturing solutions that fit defence industry regulations and constraints.

Our inventory includes rapid prototyping, precision large-scale metal manufacturing and flexibility for fast-response repair, renewal and optimisation of existing components.

Equipped for advanced manufacturing solutions

Romar works at the intersection of traditional and transformative technologies – with an industry leading team of additive, engineering and materials specialists.

Our engineers and materials experts have extensive knowledge of quality assurance and quality control systems (to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards), and we have state-of-the-art facilities that include a Class 8 clean room.

To deliver exceptional manufacture for defence, we also have exceptional technology.

Our DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine is cutting-edge. It’s the only one in Australia – and one of only three globally used in commercial manufacturing.

We also utilise our Leitz PMM, a fixed bridge/moving table CMM that measures the precise physical geometrical properties of an object, for exceptional advanced manufacturing solutions.

Transformative technology

Transformative technology potential

With the Lasertec 65, we have very niche additive manufacturing capability. Where standard 3D printing adds layers of metal to build components, the Lasertec 65 both adds and subtracts layers, and it can combine metals with other materials. Additional features include a large build size, up to 600mm x 600mm x 400mm, and rapid build. It operates up to ten times faster than traditional powder bed based systems.

The Leitz PMM features ultra-high accuracy and exceptional machine dynamics, suitable for the inspection of complex parts such as critical flight components or those that are not single fault tolerant. We use our PMM for inspection reports, part failure root analysis and reverse engineering of critical legacy parts.

Crucially, our technology allows us to manufacture parts for immediate use without modification or treatment. This gives our defence customers access to very fast-response production of high-quality replacement or new components.

Aircraft jet engine

Rapid repairs, prototyping and optimisation

Romar can meet defence requirements for on-demand replacement parts, rapid prototyping and testing for research and development, plus small or large-scale metal and elastomer manufacturing. We repair, renew and replace existing components, and our new geometry capability means we can optimise existing equipment to lessen fatigue and heighten performance.

Our fast and flexible manufacture helps you minimise storage and maintenance requirements and reduce downstream disruption, for enhanced efficiency and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Please contact us to discuss how our superior advanced manufacturing can help your defence project.