What is it?

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is the process of designing or engineering a product so that it’s easy to manufacture at the lowest possible price.

The process includes a thorough review of the raw material selection, secondary processes (finishing, plating), dimensional requirements and final packaging.

Design for Manufacturing aims to:

  1. reduce material, overhead and labor costs
  2. shorten the product development cycle
  3. focus on standards to reduce cost

Key principles in the Romar DFM process

  • minimise part count
  • standardise parts and materials
  • create modular assemblies
  • design for efficient joining
  • minimise reorientation of parts during assembly and/or machining
  • simplify and reduce the number of manufacturing operations
  • specify ‘acceptable’ surface finishes for functionality

We help you:

  1. reduce cost
  2. remove complexity
  3. manufacture consistently to achieve the quality levels you expect

By working with us, potential problems are recognised and addressed during the design phase, saving costly product iterations downstream.

This leads to a reduction of manufacturing risk and cost.

If you’re ready to collaborate with a team of experts who believe in your vision, contact Romar today.

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