We know rubber

We know rubber

Romar Elastomers high-quality to outstanding manufacture and supply of technically-specified, high quality rubber components to customers.

And because we’ve been working with rubber for over 40 years, when it comes to using moulds to adhere metal to rubber, you won’t find many as skilled as us.

We’ve been doing it so long, there aren’t many problems we haven’t found a solution for. We provide you with an integrated solution to all your rubber moulding needs.

Our Expertise in Elastomers

Our Expertise in Elastomers includes:

  • all forms of rubber moulding: compression moulding, injection moulding, transfer moulding
  • rubber to metal bonding to many substrates and all elastomers
  • working with specialist materials such as Aflas, silicone rubber and fluoro-elastomers (trade names such as Viton, Fluorel) etc
  • assistance in compound design and specification development
  • we work with you from concept to prototype to production
Set Mechanical Seals

Our elastomer capabilities include:

 Mixing and processing facilities:

  • rubber mixing mill
  • precision pre-forming machine
  • extruder

 Moulding shop:

  • compression presses ranging from 50 tonnes to 800 tonnes
  • rubber injection moulding capacity
  • specialist transfer press 100 tonnes
Moulding Support

Moulding Support

  • full metal insert pre-treatment and bonding agent preparation facilities:

– vapour degreasing
– abrasive blasting
– bonding cements – standard and special materials

  • tool storage and long-term care
  • post-curing facility
  • surface grinder for very high precision rubber valve seat production
  • ancillary equipment:

– washer punch
– seal lathe
– all types of buffers and trimmers of rubber parts

Various sealing rings

Some of our Elastomer Products:

  • torsion springs
  • valve seats
  • cup seals
  • piston cup seals
  • isolation mounts
  • encapsulated insert seals
  • compression moulded rubber parts
  • injection moulded rubber parts
  • rubber to metal bonded assemblies
  • non-standard O rings and U packings

Testing Equipment:

  • laboratory press
  • specific gravity determination
  • rheometer
Industries we Manufacture

Industries we manufacture for:

  • automotive industry
  • camera equipment industry
  • pneumatic control industry
  • locomotive industry
  • food industry
  • engineering industry
  • mining industry
  • defence industry
  • and many others

If you’re ready to collaborate with a team of experts who understand the precise requirements of manufacturing with elastomers, let Romar provide you with an innovative, end-to-end solution. Contact Romar today.


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