Best Applications for Fluorosilicone Manufacturing

Romar is an expert in diverse manufacturing solutions, including advanced manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, materials selection and silicone manufacturing… and with over 40 years’ experience, we’re the leader in bespoke silicone solutions.

Our silicone expertise includes medical grade silicone, silicone molding and fluorosilicone – which has particular benefits for the aerospace, industrial and auto industries.

To ensure effective and efficient silicone manufacturing, Romar tailors every manufacturing solution to client aim, budget, production run and requirement. To understand whether fluorosilicone is the best option for your project, it’s important to understand its material characteristics, benefits and suitability for specific project environments.

About silicone rubber

Silicone rubber is an elastomer derived from silicone polymer and other components, and it has particular properties that align it with certain commercial uses. Carlo Cartini, Romar’s Director of Technical Development, is a materials scientist – and silicone specialist.

“Silicone rubber is a fantastic material,” he explains. “It’s incredibly resistant to UV light, oxygen, ozone and general wear and tear. It’s heat-resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius. It feels soft and lovely against the skin. It has great biomedical properties. It’s very inert. It’s a wonderful material and it is fast becoming the material of choice for many, many applications.”

Silicone’s resistance to chemicals, its compatibility for specific environmental uses, its lack of odour and taste, its high transparency and good processability are among its beneficial properties. Romar’s expert team can modify silicone for project requirements. So, as one example, we could manufacture it for electrical insulation or, conversely, with semiconducting properties.

Fluorosilicone manufacturing

Silicone v fluorosilicone manufacturing

Fluorosilicone (or fluorinated silicone rubber) is a type of silicone with additional compounds – and additional chemical traits. Most notably, fluorosilicones are highly resistant to fuels, oils, solvents and high temperatures.

As Carlo explains, “Every polymer has its applications. Fluoroelastomers, although expensive, are extremely resistant to fuels, oils and high heat. They are the materials you use when the little piece you make that you have to put into somewhere… you don’t want to touch again.

It’s too expensive to get down there. You’re willing to spend up to ten times the material cost on this product, but you don’t want to spend that time and time again replacing a part.”

Additional potential advantages to fluorosilicone include excellent flexibility, compression set resistance and weather and UV resistance.

Aluminium intake Pipe

Best use applications for fluorosilicones

Fluorosilicone compatibility with heat, fuels and oils make it ideal for use with engines, machinery and mechanical systems. Fluorosilicones are frequently used for products such as tubing, O-rings and gaskets, where they can perform sealing functions, block contaminants, maintain consistent pressure or control vibration.

Environments well-suited for fluorosilicone parts include dry heat environments or those requiring significant temperature range – such as jet fuel systems, chlorinated solvents or petroleum oil applications.

As such, Romar’s fluorosilicone manufacturing solutions are ideally suited for the aerospace, aviation, mining, industrial and auto industries.

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Our silicone manufacturing

Romar has advanced capability across silicone manufacturing that includes medical grade silicone and silicone molding. We have an ISO Class 8 clean room equipped with Engel and Sodic molding machines, and full capability to manufacture implantables and other medical devices where strict biocompatibility requirements are critical.

Our silicone manufacturing inventory is expansive, and customised for every client:

Biomedical engineers

Romar silicone expertise

Romar’s award-winning manufacturing capability in silicone, elastomers, additive manufacturing and industrial manufacturing is globally recognised.

Our exceptional team understands the nature of silicone and the intricacies of material properties, so we can recommend the best silicone or elastomeric solution for your needs.

If you are interested in fluorosilicone, please contact us for a robust, efficient and smart silicone manufacturing solution.