Globalisation of Australian Manufacturing

Recent Changes in the Australian Manufacturing Industry

Recent Changes in the Australian Manufacturing Industry

Over the last 25 years, the Australian manufacturing industry has moved from a protected environment to an open global environment.

CSIRO’s Advanced Manufacturing roadmap recently concluded that the focus for Australian manufacturers should now be on created an integrated, collaborative and export-focused ecosystem.

Global collaboration using Australia’s specialised resources is the industry’s future. 

Ideally, this means innovative products can be produced that would not have been possible using only Australia’s manufacturing resources.

It makes good business sense and allows Australian manufacturers to compete on the global stage.

The Importance of Collaborative Manufacturing for Romar

The Romar team are highly skilled in certain areas of manufacturing, such as silicone and plastic micromoulding. We have focused on becoming experts in these niche areas over the years.

We realise other manufacturers have their own specialities, so we often combine our strengths to achieve a goal for customers in Australia or overseas.

For example, we partner with MiniFab in Melbourne who specialises in disposable polymer microfluidic and microengineered products.

We currently manufacture a specific silicone part for them here in Sydney, send it to them in Melbourne to complete the manufacturing process and then they send the completed product onto their customer in the USA.

This product would not have been possible without global collaboration and combining our expertise.


Roadblocks to Globalisation in Australia

Roadblocks to Globalisation in Australia

Romar founder, Neil Wilson, believes what the government is currently doing to re-establish manufacturing in Australia is not significant enough.

He also believes that the government does not have a deep enough understanding of how the industry works and what it needs to survive on the global stage.

Research and Development (R&D) grants have increased in recent years however subsidies for manufacturing did not follow suit.  

At Romar, we see global collaboration as a way forward.  It enables us to share risks and to manufacture products that would not otherwise have been made using only Australian resources.


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