New Intern for Romar Team

Romar Engineering delivers singular and award-winning manufacturing solutions, including advanced manufacturing, elastomers, precision molding, silicone and medical device manufacturing.

Our expert manufacturing solutions are the result of decades of experience, world-class facilities and an exceptional in-house team. Our expertise is a drawcard for our customers in mining, medical, aerospace and defence – and it’s one reason we regularly welcome outstanding engineering students as interns.

Hayden McLaughlin is the latest to join us from Macquarie University in Sydney, and he’s already discovered that access to industry leaders and state-of-the-art technology has its benefits.

Introducing Hayden

Hayden recently commenced a three-month internship with Romar as part of his Mechanical Engineering studies at Macquarie University. He was introduced to Romar by Morgan Wagner, a fellow (former) intern, Macquarie University graduate, and now a full time Manufacturing Engineer with Romar.

For both Hayden and Morgan, the appeal of interning with Romar was the chance to experience first-hand our breadth of manufacturing capability.

“I’m working under Steve (Milanoski, head of Advanced Manufacturing) testing rubber and metal bonding, and assisting with design for manufacture,” says Hayden.

“The whole team is incredible. I’m working closely with Steve and Sean (Emery, Manufacturing Engineer) plus Das and Ian, the machinists. They all have a huge amount of knowledge.”

Man holding a molded steel

Benefits across the board

Romar’s internship program gives students such as Hayden the chance to move through several departments during their stay. “I’ll be rotating from advanced manufacturing through clean room manufacturing, elastomers and quality control,” he explains.

For Alan Lipman, Romar CEO, hosting interns has benefits for both students and for our company. “Our interns are able to access team members with world-class capability and work with technology they won’t find elsewhere in Australia,” he says. “We also get to meet promising young students who might have the potential to join us one day.”

So far, that has included Morgan Wagner and Sean Emery, another outstanding Manufacturing Engineer who works across production, design, quality assurance and quality control.

So please contact us if you are an engineering student looking for a world-class internship, or if you have a project in need of leading manufacturing solutions.

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