Unlocking Features of the Lasertec 65: Additive and Subtractive Hybrid Technology

Romar has provided quality manufacturing solutions for over 50 years, and it remains a leader in Australian manufacturing, thanks to extensive expertise across areas including precision molding of silicones and elastomers, medical device manufacturing and, more recently, advanced manufacturing.

Central to our advanced capability is the DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine. It is a singular 3D printer with unique additive – and subtractive – capability.

The impact of additive and subtractive technology on simplifying supply chains is immense. Parts can be additively manufactured, finish machined and critical dimensions verified all in the same set-up. As industry adoption of this technology – and capacity – grows, we can likely expect an uptake of innovative hybrid manufacturing solutions across diverse sectors.

Man in front of Lasertec 65

Leading Australian manufacturing with the Lasertec 65

The Lasertec 65 possesses key features including larger build size than other 3D printers, higher deposition rates than a powder bed based system, the ability to produce complex 3D geometries up to 600mm diameter, and the capability to create metal blends or add metal to existing metal parts.

This manufacturing method is unique in that the original method of manufacture matches the method of repair, streamlining costly and burdensome defence qualification programs.

Some specific features include:

  • No need for high upfront tooling costs, tool maintenance fees or foundry availability for casting procurement
  • Accuracy of a fully machined component with the design flexibility of a casting
  • Multi-material deposition for maximum functional performance and less maintenance
  • In-situ process monitoring of melt pool allowing for post-build data analysis with X-ray or NDE
  • Reduced part count for streamlined supply chain management
  • Lower buy-to-fly ratio resulting in a more sustainable approach to material procurement

With the Lasertec 65, we can engineer creative new designs and, we have the ability to quickly and cost-effectively renew and replace existing parts such as turbine casings and blades, tubes, guide vanes, impellers, propellers, blisks and multi-material components.

Understanding hybrid machining

The full potential of additive and subtractive technology, also called hybrid machining, is at this stage not widely understood within commercial manufacturing sectors.

Stainless steel and Lasertec 65

A second Lasertec 65 is in use at Pennsylvania State University. Timothy W Simpson, the Paul Morrow Professor of Engineering Design & Manufacturing at the university, recently published an article examining the potential, the complexities and the challenges of hybrid machining.

“Machining professionals … know subtractive manufacturing inside and out; you have been doing it for decades. Meanwhile, more and more folks are learning the “ins and outs” of additive manufacturing with metals, but at this point, hardly anyone knows how to combine the two and optimize a hybrid manufacturing process.

Its promise is more powerful than any single technology alone, but we have just barely begun to explore this new frontier of hybrid manufacturing.”

The full article can be accessed here.

Delivering outstanding additive manufacturing

The Lasertec 65 is currently used in only three commercial settings globally. As the only company in the southern hemisphere to have the Lasertec 65, we can deliver singular solutions to manufacturing challenges.

It is no accident that Romar holds this ground-breaking hybrid technology. We have consistently remained at the forefront of outstanding and award-winning manufacturing solutions by combining cautious innovation with a commitment to robust and commercially viable manufacturing solutions.

Behind our advanced technology is also a team of exceptional engineers, materials specialists and world-leading additive manufacturing experts.

Romar Engineering prides itself on first-class and also innovative manufacturing solutions. If you have a manufacturing-ready project, contact us to discuss your options.