Industrial Manufacturing

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Industrial Manufacturing

Romar has been providing metal manufacturing for over 50 years and we are a leader in award-winning industrial manufacturing solutions.

With unparalleled expertise and enhanced capability, we deliver scalable and commercially viable industrial manufacturing across the globe.

Romar provides bespoke manufacturing solutions. We tailor every project to client objective, long-term production scope and budget. With supreme flexibility, we can strategically partner every manufacturing solution with commercial goals.

With first-class facilities, and expertise in elastomers, silicone manufacturing, precision molding, CNC Machining, CMM inspection, additive manufacturing and micromolding, we are the ideal choice for industrial manufacturing across diverse sectors – including aerospace, mining, transport and defence.

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Advanced capability for flexible solutions

Romar provides engineering solutions to engineering problems… with an exceptional team of materials experts and state-of-the-art facilities.

We work with each client from concept to interpret specific material requirements, assist in design for manufacture and function, and provide comprehensive tooling options.

Our longstanding expertise in elastomers, silicone and molding means we are ideally positioned to provide manufacturing solutions fit for purpose.

We interpret design, environment and functional requirements to provide the best, feasible options.

In tandem with leading industry processes and technologies, we are currently using materials that cover the broadest range of requirements. Whether you need EPDM, CR (Neoprene), NBR (Nitrile, Buna N), FEPM (Aflas) and FKM (Viton) or even more specialised or unusual materials, Romar can help you.

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Innovation with elastomers

Romar has 26 years of compounding and industrial expertise specific to elastomeric industrial products. We work with both natural and synthetic polymer base elastomers and have created over 260 active compound alternatives. We provide full molding options including compression molding, injection molding and transfer molding.

We design elastomeric solutions that best fits your need for flexibility, strength, superior wear and specific operating conditions including UV resistance, fluid resistance and/or chemical resistance. Our natural elastomers offer supreme qualities, including strength and abrasion resistance.

We manufacture diverse elastomeric products including torsion springs, mounts, compression moulded rubber parts, o rings, u packings, rubber to metal bonded assemblies and seals for various environments including pneumatic systems and material handling systems.

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Manufacturing for aerospace and defence

As an expert in elastomers, silicone and advanced manufacturing, Romar can provide specialised solutions for aerospace and defence.

Our elastomeric manufacturing for aerospace includes components for vacuum environments that are resistant to gas permeability, fuel and fire.

With our advanced additive technology – and the only DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D printer in Australia – we can produce uniquely lightweight and complex metallic components that are imperviable to extreme temperatures and wear.

Romar also has the expertise, specialist knowledge and globally-orientated vision to deliver elastomers, additive manufacturing and other bespoke manufacturing solutions for the defence sector – allowing you to maintain a local technology base for sovereign defence programs.

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Flexible solutions for mining

Romar has been servicing the mining industry for decades. We understand the need for fast-response and quality components to minimise downtime… and maximise long-term cost-effectiveness.

We are specialists in the production of anti-static and fire-retardant elastomers. We can also fine-tune compounds for increased performance, which can extend product life significantly. Increased-life components means less stock requirements – and less downtime for your company.

Our advanced Lasertec 65 3D printer also allows us to repair, renew or replace critical components… quickly and easily.

It can lay down materials 10 times faster than other 3D printers, work with hard materials suitable for corrosive mining environments – and it has the unique ability to produce deployment-ready components without the need for modification or treatment.

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Leading with innovation … and excellence

Romar’s world-class experts can design from concept or work with your engineers for optimal outcomes.

As a leader in premium and flexible advanced manufacturing, we utilise advanced technology to help us deliver exceptional and innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges.

Our customers range from large multinational companies to start-ups … with one thing in common. They require superior, strenuously tested and precision-built industrial components that meet exacting standards.

Our processes combine with our quality assurance and quality control systems. These are accredited to current ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards by an international accreditation body.

Romar is the leader in industrial manufacturing solutions. If you’re ready to collaborate with our team of experts for your industrial needs, contact us today.


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