Romar – From Australia to the world

Neil Wilson

A family run business making international waves

50 years ago Romar became a registered company. The founders were husband and wife duo Robert and Marion Wilson.

Their aim was to create an engineering company to service the automotive and industrial trade in Australia and overseas.

Today Romar remains in family hands under the ownership of Executive Chairman Neil Wilson. Neil, along with Romar CEO Alan Lipman is working to ensure Romar evolves with the Australian manufacturing industry.

A woman assembling Silicone Rubber

To remain competitive the company is now focussed on growing business in the global marketplace.

To be successful in this new environment, collaboration and finding our manufacturing niche is vital.

Romar’s niche is silicone and plastic molding and micromolding. Companies around the world come to us because we are the best in the business.

They can rely on a quality product every time.

A man standing in front of a world map

Collaborative manufacturing

Collaboration allows Romar to work with overseas customers.

We work with other manufacturers who have their own niche and specialities.

For example, we partner with MiniFab in Melbourne who specialises in disposable polymer microfluidic and microengineered products.

Two workers in the laboratory

We manufacture a specific silicone part for them here in Sydney which is outside their expertise.

We send it to them in Melbourne to complete the manufacturing process and then they send the completed product onto their customer in the USA.

This product is only possible because of global collaboration.

Assembling silicone rubber parts

Medical Device Manufacturing in US and Europe

Over the past decade, Romar has positioned itself as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of medical devices. We have world class clean room environments in Australia and Asia. Medical device companies contact us from all over the world because they trust the Romar brand.

‘Our level of expertise in the medical industry puts us in a unique position, … Our hugely experienced team of over 20 engineers, including biomedical engineers, ensure we meet all the regulatory requirements to obtain TGA and FDA approval.’ ~ Alan Lipman, Romar CEO

Close up Image of Silicone Rubber

We currently manufacture Q-Flo in collaboration with US-based company Infusion Innovation.

They wanted an offshore manufacturer with silicone expertise that they could trust…not an easy task.

This successful partnership continues to evolve.

This is a credit to the open lines of communication between Romar and Infusion Innovation.

‘The biggest advantage to working with Romar is that they’re very professional and easy to talk through issues with…

They are incredibly capable. If there are any issues, people talk to each other to understand problems.’ ~ Infusion Innovation CEO, Babak Nemati

A woman checking the quality of the silicone

Manufacturing Capabilities in Australia and Overseas

Product owners often come to us because they are unhappy with their overseas manufacturer. They often find the initial ‘golden sample’ exciting yet over the following months product quality declines batch by batch.

Romar manages the entire end-to-end manufacturing process for customers. When you trust Romar to manufacture your design or product, we guarantee consistent high quality output for the life of the product. We can also take care of packaging, logistics and distribution.

We have strong relationships with manufacturing partners in Singapore, Thailand, China and Taiwan. So whether we manufacture in Australia or overseas, we retain control of the process. You can trust Romar to deliver a high-quality product every time.

If you have a product ready for manufacture, contact Romar today to discuss your options.