Romar’s Internship Program

Silicone molding experts in the lab

The training ground for our future stars

Every year, Romar invites bright engineering students to experience our facilities and business first hand. Our intensive 12 week internship program allows these young engineers to get to know our business and how we deliver products to customers.

‘Seeing the younger people perform to their capabilities and seeing the business benefit from the younger engineers and what they contribute is immensely satisfying.’
– Neil Wilson, Romar Founder

Romar discovered several of our key staff through this internship program. These include Rita Nicolas, Manufacturing Manager and Sean Emery, Engineer.

Rita joined Romar as an intern straight out of University. She is still here to this day as our Manufacturing Manager. Rita ensures all our products reach clients on time and to the highest standards.

Sean Emery

“The culture at Romar is very good. We are all quite friendly chilled out people. It’s very tight knit, everyone just tried to help everyone else out. It doesn’t matter what your role is, if someone needs a hand you just do it.”

Sean Emery works at Romar whilst completing his degree in mechanical engineering at UNSW.

“Romar is a great learning experience for me as we do everything from initial design all the way through to final output.”

Morgan Wagner

Morgan Wagner - Our 2019 Intern

Our most recent intern is Morgan Wagner from Macquarie University.

He studies a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Science (majoring in human biology).

We recently chatted to Morgan about his experience as an intern at Romar.

As an intern at Romar, Morgan aims to gain experience in materials, tools and testing used in biomedical engineering. This is his real passion and future career ambition.

Products Warehouse

Morgan’s experience so far…

Morgan started in the Production department with Rita Nicolas for the first 6 weeks of his internship.

Starting here was strategic on the part of Romar’s CEO, Alan Lipman.

He wanted Morgan to get a sense of the production-side of Romar’s business first. In particular to understand how we manufacture products within budget.

A woman assembling Silicone Rubber

“Even though I’m an engineer, Alan was keen for me to start in the production-side of things to get a sense of the company and the money involved. I then moved onto working with Carlo which is more the engineering and technical side”

He then moved into the technical department with Carlo Cartini to focus on the engineering side of the business. He has been lucky enough to work on new biomedical products in the design and manufacturing process.

“We are spending a lot of time working on a big project with clients from the US. I’m helping Carlo to do trial runs with the new product.”

Assembling silicone rubber parts

His favourite aspects of the internship experience

Morgan enjoyed being able to work directly with new clients at Romar during the analysis and design for manufacture process.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the clients during the design of the manufacturing process and being able to communicate ideas and chatting to them about how we can help them”

He also enjoyed working with one of our existing biomedical products, Q-Flo, where he undertook final testing to ensure the product did not leak. Morgan had responsibility for documenting assembly instructions for Q-Flo.

“We give our interns real work with real responsibility” said CEO Alan Lipman “For those that rise to the challenge, we are happy to offer employment during and after their studies”