Jag Sury

Jag Sury


Jag is Romar’s newest employee, and he’s an ideal fit. With a longstanding career in engineering, management, consulting and IT sales, he’s perfectly positioned for his new role driving business opportunities for Romar’s advanced manufacturing capability and the Lasertec 65 3D printer.

Engineering excellence

Jag initially studied mechanical engineering at the University of Mysore and worked for 16 years in engineering and management for projects servicing major power stations in India. He then specialised in ceramic manufacturing in Bangalore for several years before making the move to Australia in 1991.

“I completed postgraduate studies in industrial engineering at UTS in Sydney and worked as an industrial engineer for Norton, heading up the coatings division.” Norton specialises in sandpaper applications and is part of the global Saint-Gobain brand, a world leader in the habitat and construction markets.

Switching it up

In 1991, Jag made a career switch and moved to IT sales, marketing software for industrial engineers, and from 2002 he was a consultant with Chemsearch Australia, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of specialty industrial products. Operating in more than 70 countries, NCH describes itself as a partner in problem-solving across a range of industries. And it’s an attribute it shares with Jag.

“I’ve worked in diverse roles with diverse products – from ceramic insulators to sandpaper to asphalt, but my specialisation is problem solving… and implementing practical and efficient solutions.”

Giving back to society

Outside work, Jag loves travelling – to India, China, Singapore, the US and Europe – and he’s a dedicated family man. His wife is a singer, his son a lawyer and his daughter a doctor. “I’m also the Volunteer Secretary for a group called Chinmaya, and my wife is a singer with them. Our goal with the organisation is to bring community together and encourage a value-based lifestyle.” As such, Jag places a strong emphasis on values including ethics, discipline and positive change.

“I’ve been in Australia for 28 years, and it’s been very good to me. We have a great life here, and I want to do something in return and make a contribution to the wellness of society.”

Empowering people and organisations

Jag excels at building long-term relationships with clients and co-workers. “I spend a lot of time understanding people, where they come from, what they want to achieve. Every business is ultimately about people. And if you can understand the people, you can understand – and help – the business.”

Ultimately, Jag hopes to make a positive difference to society, to the people around him… and to Romar. “My background has been about helping different industries in innovative ways. It’s about building new frontiers in niche areas, and I’m looking forward to moving forward with Romar.”


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