Romar Strengthens Molding Capability with Kruse Analysis & Kruse Training

Different size of rubber materials

In 2021 Romar Engineering began working with US-based partner companies Kruse Analysis and Kruse Training, specialists in CAE simulation services and training for the plastic injection molding industry.

As a leader in traditional and advanced manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, defence, medical and mining sectors, Romar’s diverse materials expertise includes elastomers, rubbers, silicones, plastics and Fluro polymers, along with tool design to process these materials.

We are currently implementing new software for moulding filling software and in particular conformal cooling which holds great potential for Australian manufacturers looking to improve cycle times and reduce part prices.

We look forward to working with Kruse to further strengthen our molding capability for our Australian and global clients.

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About Kruse Analysis

Kruse Analysis provides CAE simulation services to the plastic injection molding industry.

By utilising advanced technology, Kruse helps customers troubleshoot processes from product design to development, optimize design patterns, shorten time-to-market and maximise product return on investment (ROI).

Kruse Analysis was founded by Torsten Kruse, a highly regarded industry expert in the injection molding industry. Subsequent to a successful 10-year career at Arburg, Inc. he formed Kruse Analysis in 1995.

Torsten has received prestigious certification awards during his career, thanks to his vast knowledge and expertise across injection molding processes, mold-making materials and problem solving for diverse manufacturing industries. As a leading expert in CAE simulation, he creates simulations and provides tailored recommendations to optimise mold design and manufacturing techniques.

He is also a sought-out educator in simulation software technology, helping train and advise moldmaking engineers and designers around the world.

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Introducing Kruse Training

Kruse Training is an interactive online knowledge and training solution for part designers, mold designers and senior process engineers. The Kruse Training method helps develop synergistic teams of cross-trained professionals who can successfully design and mold plastic components.

The interactive online program covers both foundational and expert knowledge and is designed to present information in a logical sequence. The unique “focused-learning” system combines animations, simulations, videos, quizzes, and multimedia presentations that build skills and increase confidence.

An interactive CAD tool provides users the opportunity to examine and manipulate sample parts with various molding defects. Kruse Training lessons are developed with injection molding professionals in mind, from entry level to experienced engineers.

Romar’s globally respected team of materials specialists, biomedical and manufacturing engineers provide expert and collaborative solutions for diverse clients. To discuss your project, please contact us.


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