What to Look for in a Manufacturing Partner

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Romar has been delivering exceptional manufacturing solutions for decades – and we remain a leader in Australian manufacturing, thanks to our innovation, expertise and adaptability.

Our expansive capability ensures we implicitly understand manufacturing processes and techniques and how best to deliver efficient manufacturing solutions tailored to project size, client objective and budget.

Robust manufacturing solutions require proficiency across manufacturing techniques – and quite a bit more. This is our guide to what to look for in a manufacturing partner for an effective, industry-specific and globally orientated manufacturing solution.

Quality control manufacturing

Experience and expertise

Experience and expertise are at the core of premier manufacturing solutions. Romar’s long standing experience includes medical device manufacturing, silicone manufacturing, precision molding, micromolding and elastomers. In recent years we’ve expanded our focus to include niche additive manufacturing.

With a world class team of materials, mechanical, bio-medical and process engineers, we’re able to deliver targeted and tailored manufacturing solutions after full consultation with your project team. Our skilled in-house specialists collaborate internally – and with your engineers – from design assessment through every stage of the manufacturing process… for optimal results.

It’s critical that the manufacturing partner you choose has experience with certified and compliant processes pertinent to your sector. With our projects across highly regulated industries, including mining, medical and aerospace, we have a precise understanding of compliance requirements, including biocompatibility standards.

Moulded Metal

Technology and facilities

An efficient manufacturing partner needs to oversee every stage of development, which requires first-class facilities and in-house technology.

We have a Class 8 clean room and state-of-the-art equipment, including the Leitz PMM with a fixed bridge/moving table CMM for precise measurement of physical geometrical properties and the DMG Mori Lasertec 65. It’s a 3D printer with enhanced hybrid capability found in only two other commercial settings globally… and nowhere else in Australia.

With our technology, we can create metal blends or add metal to existing components, build at a much faster speed than powder bed-based systems, and we’re able to produce complex 3D geometries up to 500mm.

We have the flexibility to reverse engineer complex components or engineer innovative new manufacturing designs, from jet engine components to medical devices. We aim to deliver innovative solutions for enhanced productivity, performance and long-term profitability for our customers.

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Turnkey solutions

There are potential risks when dealing with multiple manufacturers for a single project – including miscommunication, flow on delays and high capability variance. Working with a turnkey manufacturer helps negate those risks and ensure seamless production from analysis through prototyping, testing, manufacturing, distribution and logistics.

As a turnkey manufacturer, Romar will coordinate your entire manufacturing process, saving you time and resources, and enabling a single point of contact for quoting, invoicing, scheduling and logistics.

Additional benefits of turnkey solutions include minimised delays due to project alterations and a shorter supply chain from materials provider to manufacturer to distributor, enabling a more cost-effective and efficient production and distribution schedule.

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Proven quality and track record

Ultimately, quality is crucial for effective and commercially-robust manufacturing, regardless of sector or the size of your production run. In choosing any manufacturer, it’s wise to look for a proven track record of successful projects.

As a known and trusted manufacturer, Romar has a clear advantage with our depth of expertise and advanced technology. We combine our proven processes with quality assurance and control systems, to manufacture to current ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

Our expertise and quality have been recognised with multiple awards and by leading industry bodies including ANSTO, with whom we collaborate.

Romar’s expertise, industry knowledge, turnkey solutions and technology help us deliver flexible and first-class manufacturing solutions. Please contact us to discover how we can benefit your next project.

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