Madorra Update


In February this year we brought you news that we were working with US company Madorra on a potentially life-changing medical device. We’re thrilled to announce that Madorra has moved to the next phase of development and commenced human trials in Australia.

A woman fixing the machine

This is exciting news for women around the globe.

Madorra’s focus is on empowering women to live fuller, healthier lives after menopause. The new product aims to assist post-menopausal women and breast cancer survivors suffering from vaginal dryness associated with vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA). VVA is a chronic and disruptive health issue that affects more than 16 million women in the US alone.

The Madorra product will provide a non-hormonal alternative to current pharmaceutical-only treatment options. Known as the Madorra Therapy System, it’s a clever device intended to deliver natural lubrication, and it’s something that women could use in the privacy of their homes.

Romar began working with Madorra to develop volume manufacturing for the disposable gel element of the Madorra Therapy System.

Australian venture capital firm OneVentures is funding the clinical trials in tandem with US companies Stanford-StartX Fund and the Fogarty Institute for Innovation.

Romar is a global leader in medical manufacturing with specific expertise in silicone manufacturing and micromolding, so we were an ideal fit for Madorra.

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