Manufacturing in Australia or Overseas – Romar has you covered

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The Changing Landscape

Its common knowledge that the Australian manufacturing industry is in a period of change.

Automotive manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota and Holden were once the powerhouse of the industry.

They have all now left Australia.

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So its remarkable that the manufacturing industry is still growing. Over the past few years Australia’s manufacturing output has increased month on month.

Why? Because our manufacturers have focused on creating points of difference to offshore firms. They are finding their niche and becoming experts in manufacturing certain products.

For example, here at Romar we are experts in silicone and plastic micromolding.

Companies around the world come to us because we are the best in the business. They can rely on a quality product every time.

Our case studies speak for themselves.

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Local vs Offshore Manufacturing - its a tough decision!

If you’re disappointed by the results you are achieving from manufacturing overseas, then you’re not alone.

It’s a story the manufacturing experts at Romar hear daily.

‘The first manufacturing sample was perfect…but the rest don’t look or perform like that first one.’

And, while many product owners have manufacturing difficulties offshore, they can also experience problems domestically.

Romar’s experience allows us to solve manufacturing problems others can’t.

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Hidden Costs with Manufacturing Overseas

Many companies look to overseas manufacturers because of the perceived cheaper production costs.

They seek greater efficiencies and profits.

Whilst overseas manufacturing works for many Australian companies, this is not always the case.

We often meet with product owners who found the initial ‘golden sample’ exciting yet over the following months product quality declined batch by batch.

In the end, this poor quality costs them money and depleted profits.

Other hidden costs with overseas manufacturers include:

  • poor communication
  • long lead times
  • political unrest
  • exposure to IP theft
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We Manage the Entire Process for You - locally or overseas

Product Designers come to us with innovative products. When you trust Romar to manufacture your design we guarantee consistent high quality for the life of the product. We can also take care of packaging, logistics and distribution.

We determine the best location to manufacture your product. This may be in Australia or overseas.

We have strong relationships with manufacturing partners in Singapore, Thailand, China and Taiwan.

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Our expertise enables us to manage the manufacturing process for you.

We retain control, manage risk and guarantee a consistent high quality product.

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