Romar Forging Ahead with Innovative Collaborations

Space rocket launching

Romar Engineering is a leader in Australian manufacturing thanks to decades of commercial experience, expansive team expertise, and comprehensive capability that includes medical device manufacturing, elastomers, clean room manufacturing, micromolding – and advanced manufacturing.

We’ve remained cutting edge by committing to transformative technologies… and remaining open to collaborative potential.

By working with pioneering companies across Australia in areas including aerospace and medical, we’re part of exciting projects that showcase Romar’s unique expertise… and the benefits of synergy between like-minded Australian manufacturers.

Jet Engine displayed on a rack

Advancing with Jet Engines Australia

A key benefit of collaboration is the sharing of expertise. Central to Romar’s additive manufacturing potential is our Lasertec 65, an advanced 3D printer with unique metal and materials capability, and one of only three in commercial settings globally. It gives us singular capability in hybrid manufacturing that is ideal for industries including aerospace.

One of the first Australian aerospace companies to take advantage of this technology is Jet Engines Australia, a local manufacturer that is developing high-tech jet engines. We started working with the company this year on a project to develop jet engines for military drones.

“We are working with Jet Engines Australia to create a drone engine around a metre long,” explains Alan Lipman, Romar CEO “and we are building it entirely using advanced manufacturing methods.” It’s an ideal project to both showcase – and explore new potentials – for our technology.

Soaring with Gilmour Space Technologies

The Australian aerospace industry is booming and presents enormous economic potential. With hubs such as the South Australian Space Industry Centre (SASIC) and the planned Aerotropolis at the new Western Sydney Airport, there’s a renewed interest in manufacturing for the skies…and beyond.

An independent report by Euroconsult for Austrade in 2019 estimated that the Australian launch market will be worth US$970 million over the 10-year period to 2033.

Currently, The Australian Space Agency is focusing on launch capability.

It has reviewed the Space (Launches and Returns) Act 2018 and is working to amend legislative instruments that guide the approval of industry launch permits.

Queensland-based Gilmour Space Technologies specialises in new space technologies, with a focus on launch rockets powered by lower-cost hybrid propulsion technologies. It’s an ideal partner for Romar’s advanced manufacturing expertise.

After connecting with Adam Gilmour, CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies, we’re now set to create fluid components for a low-orbit hybrid propulsion launch vehicle. It’s designed for the small satellite market and it will deliver payloads of up to 250 kg into Low Earth Orbits (LEO).

Laboratory Glass tube and microscope in lab

Making Waves with Inventia Life Science

Romar’s additive manufacturing capability adds to our longstanding expertise in medical device manufacturing.

We’re currently manufacturing a critical component for an international award-winning and state-of-the-art 3D bioprinting device devised by Inventia Life Science. It’s housed in a distinctive pink casing and called RASTRUM.

One application for 3D bioprinting – which emerged in the early 2000’s – is the recreation of cancer microenvironments integral to oncology research. With the development of RASTRUM, researchers now have access to a technology that can rapidly and accurately print human cells and replicate realistic tumours, and this has the potential to fast-track the drug testing process and be a boon for cancer researchers.

Romar's Medical Devices

New Frontiers with Nutromics

By working with innovative organisations in the medical sector, we’re exploring new frontiers for our diverse capability.

Nutromics is an Australian company that operates at the intersection of medical grade sensor technology, data science and health care. It is currently developing a non-invasive, wearable technology device to monitor the effect of lifestyle choices in diet and exercise on health – by using cutting-edge micro-manufacturing techniques.

The aim is to monitor the changes in the composition of the fluid flowing around the cells of the skin to highlight these effects and allow people to quickly and easily see how they can make choices to improve these levels.

Romar is working as a commercialisation partner, providing our DFM and processing expertise in order to bring the product to commercial stature.

Collaboration to Advance Australian Manufacturing

Effective collaboration is important for the future of Australian manufacturing, whether it’s with other manufacturers, with educational partners – or by working collectively as part of a wider commercial project.

A good example – as we reported recently – is our involvement with the NOTUS Emergency Invasive Ventilator Program, a Grey Innovation led initiative supported by the Australian Government, Victorian Government and Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre. It’s a cooperative manufacturing project involving around 30 Australian companies, and valued at more than $31 million.

Romar is globally respected for our team, our technology and our state-of-the-art facilities. Please contact us if you need medical or advanced manufacturing solutions… or if you’re in a position to engage in cutting-edge and commercial-ready manufacturing collaborations.