Manufacturing in Australia for Leading, Local Solutions

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As a leading Australian manufacturer for over 50 years, Romar Engineering is acutely aware of the challenges local manufacturers face. A small domestic market and a widespread perception of cheaper manufacturing in nations including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China, has traditionally driven much manufacturing offshore.

That may be about to change.

There are multiple benefits to manufacturing in Australia and exciting developments in local sectors such as aerospace and advanced manufacturing, are fuelling renewed interest from customers seeking quality, local solutions.

Local expertise & capability

Romar is a leader in versatile, commercially-sound manufacturing thanks to diverse expertise and capability, developed over decades. We grew a large customer base as a leader in medical device manufacturing, silicone products, precision molding and elastomers. Then in recent years, we invested in world-leading expertise and technology to establish singular capability in advanced and additive manufacturing.

In tandem, with the growth in local manufacturing capability has been an upsurge in demand for innovative and advanced manufacturing solutions at home.

More companies are realising that with enormous capability including state of the art advanced manufacturing here in Australia, there is no longer a need to look outward for inventive and globally orientated manufacturing solutions.

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Safety and IP Security

Quality and safety are central to manufacturing excellence. Australian manufacturers adhere to stringent guidelines to ensure all projects meet Australian Standards requirements. As a specialist that works across multiple sectors including medical and industrial manufacturing, Romar guarantees our projects are of exceptional quality.

Customers can also be confident that all manufacturing facilities meet strict safety protocols. It helps protect our team from risk – and helps ensure your product or part is produced to full specification, and to deadline.

By manufacturing in Australia, you also have reassurance that your Intellectual Property is secure, with all work contractually protected.

Shorter supply chain and lead times

On a purely practical level, manufacturing in Australia has huge benefits in terms of supply chain. Overseas manufacturing involves the shipping of materials and products. A local manufacturer means significant time and cost savings on inbound and outbound deliveries, and greater choice in terms of transport modes.

Manufacturing locally also slashes lead times by eliminating lengthy transportation and ensuring a much shorter supply chain from materials provider to manufacturer to distributor and ultimately, consumer.

A fully local supply chain also provides more opportunity for close monitoring of manufacturing projects at every stage, and immediate communication and support from local partners.

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Cost-effectiveness and value

The perception of cheaper offshore manufacturing is based around a single focus on upfront costing. Manufacturing in Australia has obvious potential savings in terms of reduced shipping costs and transport insurance, an elimination of import charges and foreign taxes, plus savings aligned with shorter and streamlined production schedules.

There are also hidden costs generated by rejects, by additional control and quality assurance needed for rework, by stock shortages or excesses, lost opportunities for improvement, lack of strategic partnership and low responsiveness.

Rejects, for instance, can cost you anywhere between three and seven times the price of a part, depending on process stage.

Once an imported product arrives, if it is found to require rework to make it usable, these costs are difficult, if not impossible, to recoup from an overseas supplier. A proactive and flexible local supplier is the first protection against excessive internal quality control costs.

By taking into account expertise, quality, safety, security and support, there is strong incentive to choose Australian manufacturers.

Romar is a leading provider of robust medical, industrial and advanced manufacturing solutions across diverse industries. Contact us to discuss your project, and discover the potential of Australian manufacturing.