Understanding Cost Fluctuations in Manufacturing Materials

Key to scalable and efficient manufacturing solutions is expert manufacturing materials selection. Romar’s materials specialists and manufacturing engineers consider multiple factors in material selection, and choice of material will help determine final manufacturing costs.

Fluctuating prices in manufacturing materials arise not just by the choice of material, however.

There are several aspects that might affect material costs, including the need to meet industry regulations and standards, plus the impact of global markets on raw material availability and shipping.


At Romar, we have long standing expertise across multiple manufacturing strands, including advanced manufacturing, elastomers, silicone, medical device manufacturing and precision molding, so we implicitly understand manufacturing materials – and the key factors that impact final cost.

Manufacturing materials selection

Romar’s materials experts analyse customer project requirements in the initial phase, considering multiple factors such as primary function, durability, aesthetics and consistency of performance.

Once we understand your project aims, we will recommend the best manufacturing materials.


During the prototyping process, we may further test, evaluate and refine material choice using techniques such as finite element analysis, a specialised software we employ that uses complex mathematical models to look for potential weaknesses, assess material functionality and optimise the design for manufacture.

We have the expertise to make considered recommendations for the most effective and cost-efficient manufacturing materials and processes.

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Regulated markets and standards

At Romar, we utilise cutting-edge techniques, including hybrid 3D metal printing, in our robust manufacturing solutions for highly regulated industries such as aerospace, medical, mining and defence. With a solid knowledge of diverse industries, we can recommend manufacturing materials that meet specific Australian or global standards.

Our expertise also allows us to tailor the most cost-efficient option aligned with performance. As one example, silicone is a high performance material with characteristics that can include resistance to UV light, oxygen, ozone and heat up to 250 degrees Celsius. As it is also inert, odourless and tasteless with high purity levels, it is ideal for biomedical uses.


While biomedical silicone is an elite material, we can formulate silicone to suit any specific application. We might suggest a food-grade silicone alternative if it meets the industry standards required for your project, or we could modify factors including colour, degrees of hardness or softness, coefficient of friction or insulation.

Flexibility for tailored manufacturing solutions means we can work directly with every customer to ensure you have the ideal manufacturing materials.

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Global market and supply chain

Cost of manufacturing materials can also fluctuate, based on the changing cost of raw materials in the global market.

Final pricing will also take into account shipping and local transport costs. As the pandemic has shown, these costs may be highly volatile in the event of global shortages.

Choosing an Australian manufacturer is one way to mitigate these costs.


Manufacturing in Australia has huge benefits in terms of a shorter supply chain, cost savings on inbound and outbound deliveries, and greater variety of transport modes.

A fully local supply chain ensures we can closely monitor your project – and keep a closer eye on material costs.

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Romar materials expertise

At Romar, we utilise cutting-edge technology such as our Lasertec 65 3D printer, and we have comprehensive expertise in advanced materials including elastomers, Aflas and medical grade silicone.

Our team of leading materials specialists, additive engineers and manufacturing engineers work collaboratively to ensure you have the best manufacturing solution for your project.

Please contact us to discuss manufacturing materials and solutions for your project.