Manufacturing Partners

Strategic Partnerships

Because Romar is a global leader in design and manufacture, we have been able to align ourselves and create partnerships with like-minded businesses to secure outstanding results.

These partnerships give us access to the best and brightest minds in the field.



In 2021 Romar began working with US-based partner companies Kruse Analysis and Kruse Training, specialists in CAE simulation services and training for the plastic injection molding industry. We look forward to working with Kruse to further strengthen our molding capability for our Australian and global customers, and our current focus on conformal cooling. Read More

Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF)

Romar has signed a Letter of Intent with the NSW Government to play an advisory role in the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF), currently in development as part of the new Western Sydney Aerotropolis. The Aerotropolis will be a hub for exceptional aerospace, defence and medical manufacturing. Read more


ANSTO is Australia’s nuclear science and technology organisation; it partners with scientists and engineers and applies new technologies to provide real-world benefits. In 2020, Romar began work to become an ANSTO industry partner. We now have access to ANSTO’s cutting-edge HIP (hot isostatic press) technology through our partnership, which we’re using to investigate new material and molding potential. Read more


In partnership with Australia’s premier scientific research organisation, CSIRO, Romar is the first company in the southern hemisphere to offer a DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine. It combines the flexibility of high capacity additive manufacturing with precise, 5-axis milling. Read more.


PMMCO Partnership

Romar is always looking to be at the forefront of manufacturing. The partnership with PMMCo increases Romar’s capability in the emerging field of 3D printing. Read More



We have access to the biggest library and knowledge base in the world through our consultancy work.

RMIT log


In 2021, Romar Engineering formally partnered with RMIT University researchers. Our collaboration will focus on better solutions to challenging multi-disciplinary design problems, involving thermal, fluid, and structural loading, present in high-value components such as rocket engine components, advanced heat exchangers, high temperature valves and conformally cooled tooling. Read more

Design for Manufacture Partnerships With Leading Universities around Australia

We work with leading universities around Australia, assisting in research and development of Design for Manufacture …

working to commercialise their projects.

Sydney University
University of New South Wales
Deakin University
Monash University
Swinburne University
Wollongong University
Melbourne University


If you have an idea, a drawing, a vision, a product, a technical problem … or anything that needs a commercially viable and productive solution, contact us today.


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