Understanding What it Means to Be Manufacturing Ready

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With longstanding experience in areas ranging from medical grade silicone to precision molding and elastomers, Romar Engineering is equipped to provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions for clients in aerospace, medical, mining, defence and other sectors.

As a turnkey manufacturer, we look after every stage from design for manufacture through to logistics and distribution.

While we lead in innovative and commercially robust manufacturing solutions, we are not product designers. We come on board when a project is manufacturing ready. Here’s what that means.

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Understanding manufacturing ready

Romar began more than 50 years ago as a contract manufacturer, and we have steadily increased our capability and expertise. We work with clients who have spent time developing a design and are ready to move forward towards commercial manufacture.

Romar CEO Alan Lipman explains: “We gave up the right to be product designers in our QA (Quality Assurance) System, because we wanted to work on projects that have already been through the design process. We can’t help if you have a vague idea for a project. If you need a prototype for a trial or are ready to manufacture, that’s where we come in.”

To be manufacturing ready, Romar clients need to have a solid design that includes 2D and 3D drawings. “Our clients have already put a lot of time, effort and money into something they want to be manufactured commercially,” says Alan.

The next step is to take that design and prepare it for commercial manufacture.

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Design for manufacture

Romar knows manufacturing implicitly, so our expertise lies in formulating the most efficient and effective manufacturing solution for project aim, production size and budget. We design and deliver scalable and commercially robust manufacturing that is tailored for every project.

“We work on design for manufacture (DFM),” explains Alan, “which means we can look at a design and work out how best to manufacture it at volume and at a price that makes sense.

We regularly work with universities, for instance. They could be using very tricky materials and the cleverest science.

We take their designs and look at everything that needs to happen to ensure it’s viable before we move to commercial manufacture.”

During this phase our team of engineers provide expert analysis and assess material selection, tooling and other factors to improve manufacturability and cost effectiveness.

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Expertise for innovation

Romar excels at every stage of manufacture and in recent years we’ve expanded our capability to offer leading advanced manufacturing solutions.

With our additive manufacturing capability and materials expertise, we have full capability in the development, prototyping, testing and manufacture of superior quality components in highly regulated industries.

This provides further opportunity for clients with manufacturing ready projects in need of premium manufacturing solutions. To discuss your project, please contact us.